Tuesday, March 18, 2008

KS Republican legislator sides with Boyda on NAFTA & Superhighway

As reported by the Kansas City Star, conservative Republican member of the Kansas State House of Representatives Judy Morrison has introduced a resolution seeking to express the opinion of the entire Kansas State Legislature that the United States should withdraw from NAFTA and oppose construction of the NAFTA Superhighway.

At a hearing Monday, Morrison, a Republican, said powerful financial interests are working to create a new super highway and trade corridor from Mexico to Canada through several states, including Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

During recorded testimony played before the House Federal and State Affairs Committee, Oklahoma Sen. Randy Brogdon said the corridor would be subject not to U.S. laws but international law.

“The super corridor will cause the largest confiscation of private property ever seen in the United States,” he said.

Morrison’s resolution is supported by the Teamsters Union and U.S. Reps. Nancy Boyda of Topeka, a Democrat, and Jerry Moran of Hays, a Republican.

[UPDATE: Congressman Moran's office contacted this blog, directing us to an update to this quote story, which clarifies that Moran doesn't support withdrawal from NAFTA, but does not support construction of a NAFTA Superhighway.]

Jim Ryun's campaign screamed in 2006 that Boyda was just trying to scare voters into supporting her. We wonder what he says to people like Rep. Judy Morrison and Rep. Jerry Moran.

Or to former constituents like Richard Oates of Topeka, who sent in a letter to the Topeka Capital-Journal thanking Boyda for her dedication to opposing a NAFTA supercorridor.

Take it from me as a truck driver: Mrs. Boyda deserves enormous credit for her efforts to prevent the NAFTA superhighway and improve our road safety.

The superhighway is a rotten idea for many reasons. It threatens highway safety by allowing uninspected, poorly built Mexican trucks on American highways. It threatens the American trucking industry by allowing low-paid, undertrained Mexican drivers to take our jobs. It threatens our immigration laws by weakening our border with Mexico. And it threatens the American economy with limitless, runaway trade.

Mrs. Boyda has fought to address all of these problems. She wrote the Safe American Roads Act, which blocked funding for a program to allow Mexican trucks onto American roads. Her bill passed the House of Representatives last year. She has also introduced a bill to renegotiate NAFTA to improve America's trade imbalance.
We agree with Mr. Oates, who concludes by saying he's thankful Rep. Boyda is protecting the border. It's just another issue that is deeply important to our national security and to her constituents that she has already shown more leadership on than Jim Ryun did in his whole career.


Anonymous said...

Since when has Congress started protecting the border? Tens of housands of illegal imagrants are coming across the border monthly.

Congress keeps proposing legislation but can't pass anything and when they do they don't provide the funding for it (ie. the border fence).

Border security is a joke ..... it has been a joke under Republicans and continues to be a joke under Democrats. No one wants to fix it because it might offend somebody who might not vote for them in the next election.

Well I am offended that Congress is more worried about their next election than the safety of the people of this country.

Anonymous said...

you should be pleased with nancy boyda, then, because she's been on of the most active on illegal immigration issues in the whole congress.

Anonymous said...

You know why Congress hasn't passed any meaningful legislation regarding illegal aliens? Because you republicans want them here for cheap labor, that's why. You republicans love to blame Democrats for the illegal alien problem, but it's mostly your fault.

BJ05 said...

More Anti-illegal hysteria, which is normal when things are bad, we seem to have the need to blame foreigners, this time, the Mexicans.

Mr. Oates letter is a joke. It is obvious he doesn't know a thing of what he speaks other than furthering the agenda of the Teamsters and others.

The truth at mexicotrucker.com

Anonymous said...

Just like many who support illegal imagration ..... using the "blame it on the Mexicans" line

Personally I don't care what color, race, nationality or religion that the person is ..... illegal is illlegal

Securing the borders means stopping illegal aliens regardless of which border they cross or what country they come from.

Anonymous said...

By the way .... the guy who blames it on Republicans ..... do you realize Democrats are in charge and you don't see them pushing the issue either.

Also big business may want them here for cheap labor .... then why is it that the Democratic unions aren't complaining about this cheap labor in the country?

Anonymous said...

both parties have failed on this one---but nancy boyda hasn't. she's joined with other commonsense (usually republican) members to propose solutions.

she's right on track on this issue.

BJ05 said...

She has proposed unrealistic and unworkable solutions at best.

We had an excellent opportunity to make meaningful progress on immigration reform this past summer but a few neo con extremists balked at anything approaching amnesty.

And if you think you can round up and deport 10 million illegal Mexicans (since everyone thinks illegal immigration is specific to Mexicans) you are living in a fantasy world.

The "war on terror" is not on our southern border. I am much more concerned about what can cross on our unsecured northern border from a country that has a very large Muslim and Islamic population, who are allowed to cross at will.

Anonymous said...

share: which of her solutions are unworkable or unrealistic?

Anonymous said...

If we had effective penalties for businesses who employ illegal aliens there would be no need to round up the 20 million illegals already here and it would prevent new ones from crossing the borders. If there's no work for them here, they'll go home.

And anybody who thinks that "The War On Terra" is real or necessary is an absolute idiot.

BJ05 said...

Anytime someone in Washington, or any fringe group with an agenda wants to pull the "sheeple" in line, all they have to do is mention the "War" on Terror, use the "Terror" card, blame their woes on the Mexican's or "illegal" which is code for anyone of Hispanic heritage.

Truth of the matter is, nobody gave a rat's ass about the so called problem of "illegal immigration" it seems, until the war in Iraq started going into the crapper. It seems the problem of the illegals suddenly manifested itself to take our attention elsewhere.

And I doubt anyone reading this would know an illegal from a citizen or legal resident nor would they care.

And when "illegal immigration" is brought up, people immediately zero in on the Mexicans, when in truth, there are far more "illegals' from other countries who have come to the US legally, overstayed their visas and disappeared into American society.

There is no cut and dried solution to the problem. Logic and common sense should be the order of the day.

Over the decades, the Mexicans have come, they've worked and they've gone home after a year or two, never to return. They're replaced by others. These are the facts.

Anonymous said...

why, that was a lovely contribution to the discussion.

i have NO idea what prompted it...but i do agree with you.

in the end, illegal immigration is a problem, it does need to be solved, and good members of congress like nancy boyda are proposing solutions, while the majority of congress does nothing.

Anonymous said...

Superhighway--- ever heard of I-35

loud and proud said...

I personally don't see anything wrong with imigants being here. If their country wasn't so bad they wouldn't want to come here. And 90% of them would be here legally if it didn't cost so much mony and time to get it done "the right way". People are just mad because the mexicans will do the work that none of the lazy americans want to do and they do it better than any of us could or would if we tried!!!!!!! I would like to know if you people are so against "mexicans" being here then why do you eat at their resturants and promote them in that aspect. They are not all legal but that doesn't seem to bother any of you when your eatting their food!!

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