Sunday, March 2, 2008

Washington Days!

Back home from the very best weekend in the whole year- and we'll have some in-depth discussion of what all went on later this week.

What we can share is, though, that, like always, the food in the Southeast Kansas room was wonderful, Jefferson County won awards with their ice cream, and Congresswoman Nancy Boyda showed the Republicans who's boss with a fantastic response to the TV and radio ads that are being run against here in a speech we'll call the "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics" speech.

We know there's video- if we can get it, we'll share it.

More later- hope you had a wonderful weekend, even if you weren't in Topeka.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing Nancy at the big Democrat weekend event. However, the next time she drinks that much, we should definitely take her keys away from her. Also, the "donkey show" that the young democrats put on as a fundraisers was just plain sick. Don't tell me that the donkeys enjoy it ... it's still just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

oh, this is why the half hour new hour failed...republicans just aren't funny.

Anonymous said...

The crowd for Washington Days was still mainly the old timer usual crowd ..... the Obama mania has not carried over to people attending the big political events.

Also crowd was about same size as last year which wasn't an election year.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton was the speaker last that they maintained the crowd was amazing.

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