Thursday, March 27, 2008

My name's Jim Ryun, and I'm running full-time to represent Texas in Congress

We need to squeeze in another report on a campaign stop for Jim Ryun even before he finds himself in California in April, because the former Member of Congress was in Texas on Wednesday campaigning hard for the right to represent all of us back here in Kansas.

It's unfortunate for Ryun that the article we found smashes the silly charade he's been carrying on for months- that his little trips around the country have just been nothing more than displays of a washed-up celebrity trying to get some ego stroking.

No, Jim wasn't at the track meet in Midland just to be at the track meet, he was in there for a fundraiser and just couldn't resist a little self-aggrandizing.

In Texas.

In Midland for a fundraiser at the home of Congressman Mike Conaway and his wife Suzanne, [Ryun] faces Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins in the Aug. 5 primary and hopes to take on Democratic incumbent Nancy Boyda, who beat him two years ago, in the Nov. 4 general election.
So, there you go. Jim's little flits around the country have been probably just what we expected: Fundraising visits camouflaged as desperate attempts to relive the glory days of his athletic career. While that makes us feel better for Jim's mental health (the alternative was just so sad...), it does make us wonder: After Jim travels the country raising money, who is it he's going to feel beholden to if he were to win? Kansas? Or California and Texas?

On that subject, the Conaways aren't the first Texans to go to the mat for Jim. In July of 2007, Gov. Perry promised Jim he'd do whatever he would to put him back in Congress.

That leg-up from Gov. Perry shows. Ryun's last FEC filing shows the almost exactly the same number of donations from Texas as it does from the Kansas 2nd Congressional District. Texas doesn't win, though- Jim did have 6 more people he would actually be representing give him money than he did Texans.
Perry wrote in an invitation letter that Ryun will support “our views in Congress.”


“His vote is a national vote."
So national, in fact, only 14% of this itemized contributions listed in his 4th Quarter FEC filing are from the 2nd District of Kansas- and only 32% are from Kansas at all.

Yes, Governor Perry, Jim Ryun's a national candidate- and might represent Texas values very well. He has support from everywhere.

Everywhere except Kansas.


Anonymous said...

god, this man has NO shame!

Anonymous said...

did you see he announced he's doing a tour of the second district? 33 stops in each of the counties.

do you think one whistle stop tour will make up for 10 years as a bad congressman?

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