Monday, March 3, 2008

CALL TO ACTION! Tell Lynn Jenkins to clean up her act!

The Jenkins for Congress campaign sent out an e-mail just a little while ago that we want to share with all of you:

Jenkins Supporters - we need your help!

Jim Ryun is running a character assassination smear campaign against Lynn Jenkins and he is launching ridiculous claims against Lynn targeting her as "unethical". Ethics and Ryun's business dealings with convicted felon Jack Abramoff was, of course, a major issue for Jim when he lost to Nancy Boyda in 2006, so he's trying a trick out of Hillary Clinton's playbook and trying to drag Lynn down with him. Well, it didn't work for Hillary Clinton and it won't work for Jim Ryun either! We need your help to stop him now!

KTKA TV in Topeka is conducting a poll regarding this story and we need you to support Lynn by voting "NO, its her duty to promote the program". Forward this to all your friends and vote here tonight!

While, you're at it, email Jim Ryun at and tell him to stop these baseless attacks! Or even better, go to Lynn's website and make a small contribution to help Lynn fight back.

These kinds of personal attacks are not productive for democracy, are not going to help us mend our broken party, and they certainly aren't going to help us defeat Nancy Boyda in November.


First, please, someone else laugh with us that she compared Jim Ryun to Hillary Clinton- really?

Second, thank you so much, Lynn, for going negative against Jim. You, of course, promised you wouldn't, so we're seeing your first major flip-flop of the campaign.

It's a quite an effective negative hit- no, we don't want someone as unethical as Jim Ryun representing us in Congress. It's just awfully clear Lynn's sense of what's ethical is muddied, too. Just why is it your face needs to be in the ads to effectively promote a college savings program, Lynn?

This embarrassingly over zealous response shows us all yet again how thin Lynn's skin really is. If the ads really are so perfectly squeaky clean, why does she have to work so hard to defend them? Nancy Boyda talks about earmarks passing the "smell test"- it seems to us the ads just don't pass.

This is twice Lynn Jenkins couldn't take the stress of a direct attack. The first time was when Club for Growth ran a TV ad against her correctly pointing out she voted to increase taxes. In that case she wrongly accused Jim Ryun of illegally coordinating the ads, and while we hate defending Ryun, she was way out of bounds.

Both of these incidences strike us as the acts of a desperate candidate struggling to maintain footing- or the amateurish mistakes of a candidates simply out of their depth. Either way, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

We'd like everyone to vote in this poll, too...but make it clear to Lynn Jenkins she can't continue using third parties to promote her race for the US Congress, vote "Yes, the company doesn’t have to use her in the ads."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a defense tactic not an attack. You have to be able to defend yourself. Even Boyda knows that. Ryun's problems are well known. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a candidate tilting at the sun...this is WAY overboard, just like her response to the Club for Growth ad

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like its a fundraising ploy, you know she didn't have a very good quarter

Anonymous said...

remember John Kerry and his "staying above the fray". His butt got swift boated. You have to defend yourself

Anonymous said...

not a bad point...but lynn's swinging wildly and looking desperate...she's my candidate in this race, but this was a bad calculation

Anonymous said...

Expect more of the same from Jenkins and her camp as August approaches.

Ryun's ethics problems-I love how that is thrown out there with no supporting facts. . . .

Oh, it just hit me-you are talking about the townhouse he bought above its assessed value? Or is it the $500 total he ever received from Abramoff to vote against anything Abramoff was behind?

BTW-is anyone tracking the amount of money Boyda is receiving from the trial lawyers? I wondered about her vote on FISA, now it makes sense. You cannot bite the hand that feeds you.

Anonymous said...

so, we've got a bounceboyda kool-aid drinker...Jenkins and Ryun neither one can really claim being on the ethical high ground

and, well, as to trial lawyers...i'll gladly vote with the trial lawyers if it mean my constitutional rights are protected. Hell, i'd vote with the John Birch Society if they were protecting my civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the ethical high ground to stick with the ambulance chasers.

Anonymous said...

seems like the ethical high ground to stand up for our constitutional rights

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