Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boyda one of the "best" for America's children

Getting a 100% rating from a special interest group isn't something that always plays really well for members of Congress- it because all too easy for critics to say, "Who's interests are you really representing, mine or that group's?"

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is in that kind of pickle right now... but, actually, we're not sure anyone would have a problem if she said she was indeed representing this particular special interest group with all her heart: She's been given a 100% rating by the Children's Defense Fund and has been listed as one of the best representatives on children issues in the entire United States Congress.

She joins Congressman Dennis Moore on the "Best" list, while fellow Kansas delegation member Congressman Todd Tiahrt is at the other end of the spectrum, finding himself listed- again- on the "Worst" list.

You can find the complete list and the votes used to create the ranking in this PDF.

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