Monday, March 17, 2008

KS GOP blog objects to Boyda's speech on FISA, calls her "profane"

After being viewed more than 6,000 times in 48 hours, we're pretty comfortable saying Nancy Boyda's speech on FISA is a runaway success.

And, with a runaway success for a Democrat in Kansas, we were also equally comfortable saying it would be met by the screeching sound of Kansas Republican bloggers dragging their fingernails across computer monitors all over the state in an effort to eviscerate Congresswoman Boyda for her position.

We waited all day Saturday. Maybe they were researching the history of FISA- you know, that it was established to prevent another Nixon of spying on American citizens again. We waited all day Sunday. Maybe it was going to a point-by-point response with charts and graphs. We waited through nearly the whole day Monday before, finally, one of our comrades on the Right finally put finger to keyboard and posted a response.

What, after three days of preparation, did they say?

"Nancy Boyda's a potty mouth and doo-doo head!" And then they misquoted her.

Yes, that's right, the attack that seems to be the one the Republicans are going with is that Nancy Boyda is just a foul-mouthed sailor-of-a-woman who dared to say the word "damn" in public, which, apparently, is all you have to do to be "profane" nowadays. At least she's in good company, since, you know, she was quoting Mark Twain.

But, remember friends, the folk at The Kansas Republican are from a different era...just like the leadership of their party.

"My land, she cursed! Carrie, quick, get the smelling salts, I do believe Wild Bill is going to faint! Oh, he's been overcome with the vapors! Call Doc Holliday on the party line!"
Next they'll be after her for wearing pants in public. And what on Earth will we do about her driving- and voting! Just- goodness!

While the response is unfortunately pathetic (we waited so long for it!), we can't ignore the fact they decided to misquote Boyda's speech, even though the transcript is published in full right here at BoydaBloc. They're lying when they say Nancy said these two things:
“Republicans Are Damn Liars… they should be ashamed”


Boyda felt comfortable calling Republicans peddlers of “lies, damn lies.. who should be ashamed of themselves.”
Take a look at the first post from today, which contains the whole transcript of Boyda's remarks, and you can see for yourself that she never, once, said either of those things.

She was, indeed, very specific that the Kansas Republican Party, not Kansas Republicans, should be ashamed of its ad suggesting that she is on the side of terrorists.

We might be going out on a limb here, but we think ads like that one already make Kansas Republicans ashamed of their party leaders. What kind of person with any sense about them could ask if a sitting Member of Congress is on the side of the terrorists? She right, that's a stupid question, an unpatriotic question, and we'd guess the vast majority of Kansas Republicans agree with her on those two points.

In the end, this was a pathetic attempt to redirect discussion away from the fact Nancy Boyda's position on FISA is right, the people of Kansas agree with her, and that they simply can't get any traction out of criticizing her for what she actually said- so, instead of talking about that, they make up quotes, attribute them to her, and then spew righteous indignation about her swearing.

'Course, it would be too much to expect of any of the Republican blogs in Kansas to actually talk about the issues when they have character assassination and misdirection to use instead. That's fine, because if they tried to engage Boyda on the issues they'd lose.


Anonymous said...

Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."
- Autobiography of Mark Twain

Anonymous said...

Umm...not sure I'd start challenging the R's to take Boyda to task on the issues. The internet is forever, and I'm pretty sure someone had the sense to get screen captures of not just the 04 and 06 election, but monthly updates during the 06 election. Her positions were harder to follow than a shell game.

That said, this was by far one of her better speeches. Very well presented without the visceral anger that too often boiling just under the surface.

I would also tread lightly when invoking ethical questions. Taking a "thank you" fund raiser from DC lobbyists for any reason is not going to be looked upon favorably by any Kansan. Good thing this blog is written, in part, by someone in Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

i've read lots of times on blogs that boyda's positions are hard to follow..but then no one ever cites anything. well, sometimes they talk about immigration, but that's a semantics question.

as to comparing 04 and 06 to now...the world's a different place, and different solves are appropriate.

But...yes, if you have evidence boyda's fundamentally changed positions on something- post a link, talk it out. you don't, and people like you don't, because you have no evidence.

Anonymous said...

aren't all fundraisers thank yous?

god, spin makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

the republicans are just pissed because boyda's kicking their ass.

Anonymous said...

42% approval rating would not really be considered kicking anyone's ass.

Anonymous said...

but a 54% approval rating would be.

Anonymous said...

i love republicans...misquote, misreport, act indignant when someone catches you, and then change the subject.

Anonymous said...

If republicans didn't lie and use misdirection, nobody except for multi-millionaires would ever support them. Just look at what's happened when they had total control of the government--an endless and unnecessary "war" and a recession that's threatening to become a depression.

Anonymous said...

ah, the legacy of ronald reagan...economic policy that screws you in the short term

Anonymous said...

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Mie Helal said...

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