Saturday, March 29, 2008

FEC deadline fast approaches...who will come out on top?

The weekend is always a slow time here at Boyda Bloc, but it's a perfect time to post ya'll with a question: With the FEC filing deadline coming on Monday, March 31, what do you think we should expect to see in terms of money raised and on-hand from Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, Jim Ryun and Lynn Jenkins?

Just as a refresher, this is where they all started this quarter (listed in "Cash on Hand order):

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda
4th Quarter raised: $218,054.81
Cycle-to-Date: $771,305.76
Cash on Hand: $654,229.18

Lynn Jenkins
4Q raised: $90,376.52
Cycle to Date: $406,377.37
Cash on hand: $416,241.73 (it's higher than contributions because of some pesky "other receipts."

Jim Ryun
4Q raised: 198,454.18
Cycle-to-Date: $960,127.85
Cash on Hand: $364,789.19

So, who's gonna raise what? Will Congresswoman Boyda continue to win the cash-on-hand battle? Will Jim continue to blow his wad on stamps? And will Lynn even manage to break $100K? Give us your guess as to amount raised and CoH.


Anonymous said...

Ryun: $189,000
Jenkins: $112,00

Boyda: $175,000

Take it to the bank!

AllyK said...

I'm going to say

Boyda $185,000-$190,000

Ryun: $230,000 (but he'll spend half of it)

Jenkins $170,000 (she'll spend like hardly any)

Anonymous said...

No way Jenkins breaks $100K. She'll be lucky to get back to $90K. Ryun will blow her away this quarter.

Anonymous said...

i'd be shocked if lynn didn't raise closer to $150K this quarter...4Q numbers are sometimes low just because of the holiday season.

my guess is Ryun's numbers are going to be embarrassingly small this time around.

Anonymous said...

Ryun needs to raise 2 times as much as Jenkins because she uses her money more wisely than Ryun. Even if he raises double what she raises the cash on hand probably won't be much different.

Anonymous said...

jenkins has been fundraising non stop all quarter...she's going to blow ryun & boyda out of the water.

Jenkins: $250,000
Ryun: $175,000
Boyduh: $75,000

Anonymous said...

Not going to happen, there is not that much money in Kansas. 100-125 will be good for Jenkins since it is almost all local. Boyda will do Ok and Ryun will probably do well, but spend a lot of it.

Anonymous said...


Now that's funny! Much funnier than that contrived Boyda-Pelosi that bounce Boyda keeps trying to push.

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