Tuesday, March 4, 2008

KTKA calls Lynn Jenkins out on being paranoid

Since the story broke in the Kansas City Star, Lynn Jenkins has been racked over the coals by this blog and two of the major TV stations in Topeka for what the Ryun campaign (rightly) calls unethical campaign ads being paid for by people Lynn kindly awarded with a multi-million dollar state contract.

Yesterday we published the e-mail Lynn Jenkins sent out to her supporters asking them to vote in a poll on the KTKA web site- in hopes, of course, that they would sway the poll and prevent her from public embarrassment. By the time we even knew there was a poll, it was too late, and Lynn's minions had already effected their rigging.

No matter. KTKA comes back today with a piece by Jesse Fray, that does a fine job explaining what it is Jenkins has done, and what her Republican opponent, Jim Ryun, has to say about it:

We agree wholeheartedly with both Mr. Robertson (that's got to stop...) and Mr. Smith- it's obvious Jenkins knows she's done something wrong, or she wouldn't be trying so hard to fix it, and it's obvious that Lynn Jenkins is the most paranoid candidate running for anything in Kansas in 2008. Her e-mail attacking Ryun was over the top, and her efforts to prevent the public from being heard on KTKA's poll were foolish.

It's all par for the course, though- like we said yesterday, she's overreacted every time she's been confronted with a "campaign crisis." Tell me, how much confidence does that instill in all of you folks with her ability to deal with real problems. It's scares the hell out of all of us


Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor Jenkins was emailing her supporters and telling them to vote for her in the August primary and November general. If she keeps this up, her legions will "infect" those polls too. Will she stop at nothing?

Anonymous said...

lol....that's really funny

Anonymous said...

Boyda Bloc,

These are your own words when you started this blog ...... maybe supporters of Lynn Jenkins are "defending her from the ridiculous and mean spirited attacks"
Debuting tonight, after a wait that was far too long, is Boyda Bloc, the first blog wholly dedicated to defending Congresswoman Nancy Boyda from the ridiculous and mean-spirited attacks being lobbed at her by her opponents.

When bad news about the two Republicans running against the Congresswoman comes out, this blog will happily present it to you, however the purpose of Boyda Bloc is to provide you with Nancy's accomplishments and the truth behind the attacks you might find elsewhere on the Internet- and to help remind the people of the 2nd District why Nancy Boyda is truly a great representative.

Anonymous said...

When bad news about the two Republicans running against the Congresswoman comes out, this blog will happily present it to you.

Exactly. Tell your candidate to get her rapid response team under control and not to meltdown over NON STORIES and these posts will go away.

Anonymous said...

If you want to defend Lynn, go right ahead....it's just too bad for you that she needs to much defending.

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