Sunday, March 16, 2008

All we can say is "Wow!" Boyda's FISA speech draws 5,700 hits in 24 hours

Yesterday we posted a video of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's speech to the Kansas Democratic Party State Convention. That speech railed against the Kansas & National Republican Parties for lying to the American public and trying to strong arm Congress into rubber-stamping a fundamentally flawed version of FISA.

We knew it was a fantastic speech, and we knew she was speaking for thousands of Kansans and millions of Americans with her condemnation of the politics of fear- but we didn't know how massive the response would be.

After about 12 hours, the video had been viewed just over 3,000 times. After 24 hours, it had been viewed nearly 5,700 times.

Yesterday, it was the 94th Most Viewed video under the category of News & Politics on YouTube. As of 6:15 p.m. tonight, it's stats for Sunday show it is the 53rd Most Viewed video, the 80th Top Rated, and 92nd on the "Top Favorites" list.

UPDATE: As of midnight, the stats stand thusly: 49th Most Viewed and 75th on the Top Rated list.

This kind of response to a message like this one is fantastic, and we're glad we were able to bring it to you. Congresswoman Boyda's message on FISA is the winning one, and the more people that hear her lay it out, the better.

We're deeply thankful for our friends at DailyKos who helped promote the video.

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Anonymous said... speech is fantastic and it's awesome so many people have seen it! great job!

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