Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ryun & Jenkins: Bringing Unethical Leadership Back

We certainly have taken a great deal of glee out of the news reports of Lynn Jenkins and her unethical ties to the company running TV commercials for her all over the district.

We've even said several times that we agree with Jim Ryun and his campaign manager, Kyle Robertson, for calling on Lynn to do the right thing and tell American Century to stop airing the ads.

Lynn's made this all pretty easy, though, for Ryun's campaign and for this blog. We had a commenter say she needed to keep herself from being "Swift Boated," and, yes, while she needs to defend herself, the spastic way her campaign responds to being pinned shows exactly how out of her league she has found herself. Comparing Jim Ryun to Hillary Clinton and trying to skew a poll on a new channel's web site were both childish and, honestly, unbecoming of someone who holds a statewide office.

You know, it does make us pause and thing, though. Patrick Leopold, who is Lynn's campaign manager, makes a good point through all of this: Jim Ryun has no business calling anyone unethical because he was, indeed, the epitome of the corrupt Republican Congress that was just thrown out on their heels in 2006.

We all know that one's true, we know that's one of the reasons Jim is "Ex-Congressman" instead of "Congressman," but, heck, we didn't know Lynn was right there with him, too. But, really, please keep up the good work- you both just keep on reminding all the voters in Nancy Boyda's district why neither of you are fit to serve in the US Congress.

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