Friday, March 28, 2008

StayRedKansas lies...shocking, we know

What is quickly becoming a nearly impossible to read mess of spelling and grammatical errors, the right-wing radical blog StayRedKansas reminded us all this afternoon of another of their significantly more upsetting traits- LYING.

They post today that 1). Nancy Boyda has received $94,000 from unions this election cycle, 2) that this is very, very bad, and 3) that "Jim Ryun and Lynn Jenkins have largely turned to donors within the State of Kansas for financial help."

All of those things, particularly the first and third things are out-and-out lies. Blatant lies, so clearly lies we can show you they are with three mouse clicks.

First, please notice that Nancy Boyda hasn't even received $94,000 from PACs this election cycle, let alone specifically pro-labor PACs. Second, reflect back to our post from yesterday that showed Jim Ryun only raised 32% of his total campaign haul in the 4th quarter from Kansas- and only 14% from the 2nd Congressional District. Here, see his FEC report for yourself!

Come on, seriously? Seriously? Lies to easy to verify as lies it only took a few minutes to do it?

The bit we can quibble on is whether or not taking money from pro-labor organizations is good or not., no we can't- it is of course a good thing to have a pro-labor member of Congress. They all should be.

And someday you labor-hating anti-union right-wing hacks will realize HB 800 was a pro-workers bill. We don't expect that anytime soon, but hopefully, someday, the light will come on over your little pea heads.

This should serve as an example, readers, of what we all should expect this Fall. When Republicans know they're losing, they do the one thing that comes naturally to them- they lie.


Anonymous said...

it's so great when the right wing wackos get caught in their lies. i can't get over the fact jim ryun only took 14% of his donations from the 2nd congressional district...that's embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

You my friend have just been served.

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