Thursday, March 27, 2008

More on Boyda's effort to save taxpayer money, free up space at Forbes Field

We posted on Monday about Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's efforts to save Kansas taxpapers $1.1 million by allowing the Air Force to retire unused tankers at Forbes Field. We have more today from a piece from the Topeka Capital-Journal.

The aircraft have been parked on the ramp at Topeka's Forbes Field since last fall as the Kansas Air National Guard moves toward using only new versions of the tankers, KC-135Rs. Ground crews have been keeping the old planes, KC-135Es, in a federally mandated "warm ready" state in case of emergency, even though the Kansas Guard has no one certified to fly them.


The 190th Air Refueling Wing based at Forbes flies 12 of the newer KC-135s, making space limited for operations, said Maj. Gen. Tod Bunting, adjutant general for Kansas.

"We want to keep it as open as possible," said Bunting, who approached Rep. Nancy Boyda about accelerating the retirement of tankers.

Boyda, a Democrat representing Kansas' 2nd District, said the decision to keep obsolete tankers made no sense and was wasting resources.

"It has a nationwide impact," Boyda said. "It's time to put them to bed. They've had a very good life."


Bunting and Boyda said clearing space at Forbes would create more room for current operations or to bring another air mission to Kansas, such as an airlift wing flying cargo planes.
Congresswoman Boyda has worked since she was elected to do what's right for her district, and this is another example of her hearing the needs from people on the ground and creating legislation to help. Not only do Boyda's efforts free up space at Forbes Field, retiring planes no one can fly, she also saves us $1.1 million in Topeka alone.


Anonymous said...

Buntin is a political hack who regularly covers up poor report-cards for Kansas when it comes to national security readiness...

and what is the deal with nancy boyda's jaw? is she dipping?

Anonymous said...

wow...i love it when republicans attack the military.

Anonymous said...

Why do republicans hate America?

Anonymous said...

why do republicans only like military leaders who are attacking Democrats?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, the military is off limits - we should definitely not attack or show disrespect to the military.
I would never turn my back on the military and refuse to listen to testimony then lie about it back home...oh wait.

Anonymous said... is great when republicans only like the military when they are attacking democrats

Anonymous said...

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