Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tongue-in-Cheek Day: McCain-Boyda for a Stronger America

Just two quick funny/interesting posts involving Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.

First, for some reason, Republican presidential nominee John McCain is advertising his campaign on Nancy Boyda's MySpace page. Mike Connery talks about it here, and our good friend Ally Klimkoski talks about it here.

Generally, both of them point out it's 1) strange he's advertising on a Democrat's MySpace page, and 2) that it might be a sign, as Ally puts it, that he "has found the Internets."

We just thought it was entertaining.

Next, a post from months ago that we just found again- interestingly, also involving Nancy Boyda and John McCain. The post mentions Congresswoman Boyda has a potential Secretary of State in a potential McCain administration.

Yes, we laughed, too, but not in the mean way all of you Republicans are. :-)

All of us, Democrat and Republican, Boyda supporters and Boyda haters, can probably all come together and say the same thing: "That ain't gonna happen." But, it's nice to know someone out there thinks that highly of her.

(Become Nancy Boyda's friend on MySpace today!)

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