Monday, March 3, 2008

Boyda speaks to students, drives point home on FISA

In another reminder this election cycle promises to result in record-breaking numbers of young voters coming out to the polls, last Saturday the two high schools in Lawrence hosted a rally called "Promote the Vote."

The event was organized by the LHS Young Democrats, and included speeches by Ballard, Davis, state Sen. Marci Francisco, Boyda, local environmentalist Simran Sethi, and State Board of Education members Bill Wagnon and Janet Waugh.
Boyda's remarks both praised the students for wanting to be involved in the political process, but also reminded them of the very significant threats our nation faces under the current administration.

One student asked Boyda about the debate surrounding warrantless wiretapping. Boyda unequivocally voiced her dismay with Congress’s lack of action to curb warrantless wiretapping.

“The foundation of our democracy … is at stake in the House of Representatives,” she said. She said Bush’s attempts to stifle inquiries into wiretapping and the role of telecom companies was “a massive cover-up … because he doesn’t want you to know that the Constitution has been shredded and he doesn’t want you to know how long” wiretapping has been happening.

Two dozen new voters registered at the event.


Anonymous said...

she really continues to make me proud on FISA....thanks for all the great coverage

stillwaters said...

I have put all my hope in the younger generation. And seeing so many young people coming out and voting (in overwhelming numbers for the Democratic party) just feeds that hope even more.

"Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope."

Anonymous said... are so excited this year....even in Kansas!

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