Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ryun Pulls 16% of Donors from the KS-02

Continuing with our breakdowns of FEC reports from the folk competing for the pleasure of getting beaten by Nancy Boyda in November, we now turn to former Congressman Jim Ryun.

Previously, we've made hay out of the fact Ryun seems to really like visiting Kwik Shops, McDonalds', and giving himself great huge fat reimbursements from the campaign.

He also spends crazy amounts of money on stamps.

This quarter, it isn't much different- though fewer trips to the Kwik Shop. Also, Ryun didn't give himself nearly as much money as he has in the past- this time only pocketing $1,494.92 in campaign dough.

He continues flying through money, though he did slow down a little bit during this quarter. Last quarter we reported he had spent 75% of his total raised, this quarter our fiscal conservative improved that number by keeping some more coin in the bank, but he has still spent 66% of his total take.

Still leaves him in last place in the only important contest in this part of the game: cash-on-hand. Even by only raising $108K, Lynn Jenkins still has almost $30,000 more in the bank than he does, and, of course, Congresswoman Boyda almost doubled him.

The Ryun Campaign did spend a lot of money tapping into the fundraising list they've spent a year building- forking out $48,000 on postage alone. Mixed appears the folks that gave Ryun his huge boost in the 2nd Quarter of 2007 aren't all that interesting in repeat performances.

One last tidbit: Of Ryun's 541 (yowza) itemized donors, 185 were from Kansas, and only 88 were from the 2nd District of Kansas. The man actually lies to people and tells them he has more Kansas donors than either of his opponents- when Jenkins beats him percentage-wise and Boyda beats him that way and in real numbers, too. Sorry, Jim, the facts don't lie: only 16% of your itemized contributions are from in-district, while Jenkins is at 43% and Boyda (who we'll breakdown next) is right at 51%.

So much for the people of Kansas wanting you back so desperately, huh, Jim?


Anonymous said...

I'm not arguing your KS-02 numbers...but this is great spin away from the fact that 151 of Jenkins 167 itemized donors were from Kansas. For those playing at home, that's 90.4%.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the fact remains that only 43% of Lynn's contributions came from the district she wants to represent. Will she spend 57% of her time representing Wichita and Kansas City?

Anonymous said...

Will Nancy spend 9.8% of her time representing California and Missouri? Oh wait, she already votes 93% of the time with San Fransisco's own Nancy.

Anonymous said...

If 9.8% of the people of California agree with her on immigration, they have a great advocate in Nancy Boyda.

But I think she is going to spend her time representing her constituents- after all, a majority of her contributions came from the district she represents....something Lynn & Jim can't say.

'Course, Jim can't even say a majority of his donors were Kansans...

Anonymous said...

can I just say that .... stamp collecting is a lost art

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