Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Youth of a Nation

Rep. Nancy Boyda met with a US Government class at Leavenworth High School last Tuesday, continuing to advocate the importance of transparency and checks and balances in government.

Boyda told students she feels their U.S. government class is one of the most important they can have.

“When I was your age, I really didn’t think much about it,” she said."
Rep. Boyda went on to say

"that for years she wasn’t too concerned about politics. The congresswoman said she understood there were checks and balances in government.

“And basically I just thought it would always take care of itself,” she said.

But she said the checks and balances system is in trouble today.

Boyda went on to cite concerns she’s had with the Bush administration regarding surveillance of Americans. She later mentioned signing statements the White House attaches to legislation which she said pre-empt what Congress has done."
She also conducted a question and answer session where students probed deeper into some of these topics.

One student asked Boyda for three things she considers to be wrong with the government.

She said providing information to people is important.

“The American people will hold their government accountable if there’s transparency, if they know what’s going on,” she said....

She also expressed concerns about budget deficits which she said will have a day-to-day impact on how the students live their lives.

“And nobody is talking about that,” she said.

At a time when young people are voting in primaries in droves, its become clear that this new generation is more connected to issues that surround our government and that face their daily lives.


Anonymous said...

if this were photo caption contest I would say "I'm a little tea pot"

Anonymous said...

“When I was your age, I really didn’t think much about it,” she said." Pure Boyda. One wonders if she still has that problem-the thinking part, that is.

Anonymous said...

At least boyda is more genuine than Lynn Jenkins...boyda hasn't lied about taxes yet

Anonymous said...

Just other things.

Anonymous said...

republicans are assholes

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