Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Iola Register: Boyda Buoyed by Yates Center Visit

We here at BoydaBloc sometimes get so wrapped up in national stories about how unlikely it is Congresswoman Nancy Boyda will keep her seat that we forget the pundits in DC aren't really the ones in the know- the only ones who who really matter are all of us back here in Kansas.

It's good to get re-grounded, and an article that ran in the Iola Register last week certainly provided us with some on-the-ground real world commentary on what's going on in this district, and what normal rural Kansans think about their member of Congress.

And, you know what, it their opinion wasn't anything like the pundits and attack dogs in DC.

Nancy Boyda is a good listener. What she heard here was music to her ears.

Boyda, 2nd District U.S. representative, was cheered frequently during an hour-long presentation Saturday morning and got verbal support from several Republicans who said they would support her in November.

The Topeka Democrat noted “some positive things we’ve done,” in adding $5.2 billion to veterans benefits, moving a smidgen forward in ethics reform and making college more affordable, “in my two years in Congress.”

She noted college loan rates were cut in half, from 6.4 to 3.2 percent, application forms were streamlined, grant money was increased and provisions were made for college loans to be forgiven in return for 10 years of public service.

Meanwhile, Boyda said she was distressed that nothing had been done to deal with health care, energy and immigration concerns, which her listeners frequently said they shared.


But, if the 30 people who came to hear her had their way, Boyda would be re-elected by acclamation.
Her visit to Yates Center might have brought appreciation for her hard work in Washington, the folks in Yates Center weren't so positive about the state of the union.
They were sour on the economy, irritated by trade agreements they said took jobs away from America workers and were disgruntled by soaring costs of fuel, energy and food.

Boyda said she was sympathetic and was doing what she could to restore the American ideal that hard work paid dividends and led to the American dream of home ownership and a secure future, but that she was somewhat hamstrung as an individual member of Congress.

“When I got there I was told that big oil, big drug companies and the health insurance industry were off limits,” Boyda said. “Health insurance companies are being subsidized by $65 billion over five years and the five biggest oil companies are getting $18 billion a year in subsidies, even though they had profits last year of $123 billion, including $41 billion for Exxon.

“Why is nothing changing? We can’t agree to stop the subsidies,” she said.

Boyda, much as John McCain, presumptive GOP presidential candidate proposed, said she co-authored a federal gas tax moratorium bill. Boyda’s is different. A provision of it would take money from oil company subsidies to make up lost federal revenue, which goes for road construction.
We won't republish the whole article, but it is certainly worth a read. Boyda went on to hit on trade and job loses (saying the best way to stop losing jobs is by making sure we aren't sending them overseas). Boyda reminded the audience that she has voted in favor of more off shore drilling to help ease our dependence on foreign oil.

The article closes with upcoming plans for graduation season:
“I’m going to give some graduation speeches this year and I’m not going to say that one person can make a difference. I’m going to tell students that one person has to make a difference.

“There are many things going on that are wrong. We’ve inherited a mess and we have to do something about it.”
It's good to be reminded every once in awhile that people here in the Kansas 2nd District know Nancy Boyda is representing them, and that all the talking heads would do well to come and sit down in a diner in Iola or Yates Center before the say Boyda's a weak incumbent.


Anonymous said...

we hear about how awful nancy is all the time from's nice to see not everyone thinks that!

go nancy!

Anonymous said...

I know, thank goodness for the liberals at the Iola Register! Where would we be without their balanced reporting?

Anonymous said...

That was nice of the paper to write that, but it seems like the thank you fundraiser she received from Iola's DC lobbyist would have been sufficient.

Anonymous said...

lol..."liberals" in Iola, Kansas? Have you people ever even been to the state before?

Anonymous said...

you people just hate the fact her constituents actually like her, don't you?

Anonymous said...

if you look at this district by the numbers only, it looks like boyda is just a sitting duck...but, if you know anything about the district, boyda, or kansas right now, you know that she's much stronger on the ground that at first glance.

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