Monday, April 7, 2008

We Didn't Start the Fire...

CapJournal this AM has a precious piece about Rep. Nancy Boyda and our good friend to the east Rep. Moore and the apparent fire they are under as GOP groups ramp up efforts to defeat the two incumbents.

A new memorandum prepared by the National Republican Congressional Committee identifies 23 Democratic incumbents — including U.S. Reps. Nancy Boyda and Dennis Moore — as points of emphasis in the November general election. The memo obtained by the Washington political newspaper Roll Call was created by the NRCC to guide political action committee donations.

I have lovingly named this mission Operation Homeland Security. And something tells me that its going to be all about fear and terrorism and scary things that go boom in the quiet Kansas night. Instead, I suggest Prom Night, in theaters Friday. Their efforts will be about as effective as the TSA strip-searching grandmas at the airport.

Rep. Moore has been targeted by the NRCC since he was elected. Let's be honest, he's not going to lose. They need to let it go and move on to a district where they can win. But if they want to waste resources in a pricey media market I say rock on. My advice is to get a better funded opponent. Cause it seems Nick is having some issues making gains on Rep. Moore's over $780,000 cash on hand. EEK!

Boyda, of Topeka, said she would ignore the target on her back.

"I don't allow myself to be distracted by that kind of thing," she said. "I stay in my lane and work hard to do the job the good people of the 2nd District sent me to Washington to do."

This kind of strategy is perfect. If you do a good job, if you work hard then all you have to do is spend time telling the good people of your district what you've done to help them and work to make their lives better.

What this piece only touches on is the fact that there is no conclusive opponent against Nancy and the long hot summer and violent destructive battle that we'll see before a Republican candidate is uncovered only 12 weeks before the final Election Day.

And let's be honest here, the Kansas GOP doesn't have a strong track record of being inclusive and embracing all of the members of their party. OUCH! We didn't start that fire....


Anonymous said...

the NRCC should probably focus on not losing anymore seats, rather than trying to pluck seats away from the Democrats.

AllyK said...

I agree. They should call that Operation Triage. HA!

Anonymous said...

lol...such wit, ally.

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