Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lynn "George H.W. Bush" Jenkins: Read My Lips...

State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins' call for increased income taxes to pay for Social Security certainly doesn't strike us as your standard "Republican Value."

One could have assumed, until recent events, that Jenkins didn't consider it one of her values either- seeing as she signed the "Taxpayer Protection Pledge."

Oh, hypocrisy be damned! Now we've got Lynn doing exactly what she said she wouldn't- she's championing an increase in taxes.

Just in case that link dies, here's an image of Jenkins' broken promise to not advocate for increased taxes:


Anonymous said...

Umm ... I listened to that video twice and I suppose I could point out how she didn't say she was going to raise taxes, but that would be too complicated.

Anonymous said...

"They have to pay a little more in, but they get a little more in return."

Translation: increase SS withholding which is money taken out of your paycheck by the federal government. If that's not a tax, I don't know what is. Nice try though, Patrick.

Jim Ryun will never increase your taxes.

Anonymous said...

this was a stupid, stupid thing for her to do.

Anonymous said...

OMG...she really did say we should raise taxes...i'm shocked...i thought it was just this blog making shit up

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