Monday, May 19, 2008

3,000 Strong: Boyda Files for Re-Election By Petition

Out only moments ago from the Boyda Campaign HQ:

TOPEKA, KS Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (Kansas Second District) today delivered petitions signed by 2,986 Kansans to the Kansas Secretary of State's office – over 500 more signatures than needed to file for re-election to the United States Congress.

Only 2,441 signatures were required to qualify Congresswoman Boyda for the ballot.

The petition process allows a candidate for Congress to bypass the usual $1,672 filing fee by demonstrating enormous grassroots support. According to the Secretary of State's office, it is highly unusual for a federal candidate to file by petition in Kansas. The last candidate to successfully do so was Congresswoman Boyda in her 2004 campaign for office.

"It's humbling and a true honor to have the support of so many thousands of Kansans," Congresswoman Boyda said. "Of course, the campaign season is still months away. Congress has a great deal of work to do between now and Election Day, and my focus remains on representing Kansas to the best of my ability."

Congresswoman Boyda will formally announce her candidacy for re-election at a public event later this year.

This is the second time Boyda has filed by petition- the first time was in 2004 when she first ran for Congress. At the time, the Secretary of State was unsure when the last federal candidate in Kansas had filed via a petition drive.

It was historic then, and it's historic now- and a very real indication of her on-the-ground support.


Anonymous said...

you know...i HATE this woman...hate her...but filing by petition for anything is hard work, and getting 3,000 sigs is crazy.

so, boyda, for the first time- good job.

Anonymous said...'s nice when even haters can give you props :-).

Anonymous said...

3000 sigs is 10 volunteers at 4 parades/events. Not real hard.

Boyda is the ultimate press manipulator. It's far more impressive how she continues to earn media by silly stunts like this than the actual stunts themselves.

Anonymous said...

oh, you aren't that stupid, are you? You have to be a registered voter in the party that the person you're nominating is in. Also, you have to sign a petition for the county in which you live.

partisan ass.

Anonymous said...

And do you think going to a parade in Atchison or Leavenworth or Topeka or Pitt you couldn't get the signatures?

One person could get 500 sigs on 24 different petitions in an afternoon on a college campus.

Do you think the people collecting signatures only carry one petition so as to only collect from one county at an event?

I've been there done that in states where you HAVE to get sigs by ZIP CODE to be on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

oh, it's SO easy to get 3,000 signatures! I mean, it's so simply that's how everyone files for office! I mean, Pat Roberts just turned in 10,000 signatures yesterday!

ooooh....wait! no he didn't! No, actually, Boyda's the only federal candidate in Kansas in more than a decade to even TRY to file by petition- and she's done it twice!

Ryan said...

To the poster who claimed that getting 500 Democratic signatures at Pitt State would be simple - you must have never stepped foot onto the PSU campus. It's easier to find a Yetti than a registered Democrat on that campus. Aside from some faculty and the Campus Democrats organization, it's a strongly conservative campus population. The fact that Boyda canvassed in order to be on the ballot is incredibly impressive. As a former Kansan (and Boyda supporter still) who has canvassed in New York City, I know how hard it is to get a signature on ANYTHING (even when someone agrees with the petition).

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA so much for your petition Nancy...guess you should have come up with better fake names

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