Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jenkins: Endorsing Ryun in '04, Calling Him an Embarrassment in '08

Lynn Jenkins did an interview with Kansas Public Radio Wednesday morning filled with the basic content we've come to expect from the our very favorite glorified accountant, but this particular interview also held a couple of gems we just had to share with y'all.

First, she said Jim Ryun was an "embarrassment to her as a Republican" and, second, she said that she wasn't as "informed as I should have been" when she agreed to record a television commercial endorsing Jim Ryun in his re-election battle against Nancy Boyda in 2004 (you'd forgotten Jenkins had done that, hadn't you? Oh, how the years pass).

So, first:

This is a race about somebody who had 10 years in Congress. His time has come and gone and it's time for new leadership. I would not want to be running on Jim's record in Washington, DC. The biggest difference is probably in the area of financial responsiblity and, um, when you spend money on vanity projects like he spent money on, when you, maybe in 10 years in Congress only voted for maybe one balanced budget- he mortgaged my kids' future- that is an embarrassment to me as a Republican and it should be to him.
Nearly every time we post something Jenkins has said we say this, but we'll say it again for good measure: So much for keeping the primary polite, huh, Lynn? Or did you mean he's an embarrassment in the neighborly, friendly way?

Also, since the voters got the change they wanted last November, we hope you can pivot off this "the Republicans failed us" message pretty quickly- if you are lucky enough to survived the primary.

Next, Jenkins was asked why, if she thinks Jim Ryun is an embarrassment to Republicans everywhere because of his record over the last 10 years, why she filmed an endorsement TV commercial in 2004? Her answer? Well, gee, it's because "they" told me I should!
We were in a time of war and everyone said, "Well, you know, we've got to support our folks." And now is a time to reflect- because we've learned a thing or two, and after reflecting it's become glaringly obvious to me that that was a wrong path.
That's a stunning admission from anyone trying to earn the trust of the people. If we take Jenkins at her word, then, by her own admission in 2004 she was simply shockingly clueless and acting as nothing more than a party stooge-making her the very last person anyone in their right mind should want in the United States House of Representatives.

So glad you've "seen the light" now. But God, lady, the man's record hasn't changed between then and now- he was just as worthless in 2004 when you were endorsing him as he is in 2008 when your running against him. The single difference we can see now is that it's politically advantageous for you to go ahead an let your mind-numbing ambition shove him out of the way.

And, did we miss something, but we are still "at a time of war" aren't we?

To close, another little humdinger from the CPA-Who-Would-Be-Congresswoman:
Well Peter, I am a CPA, and I know a lot about finance. What I don't know, or what I don't have an expertise in, is prosecuting a war.
She goes on to make it pretty clear Congress should just abdicate it's constitutional authority to declare war and just let the generals and the President do as they please. Wonderful, Lynn, you sound like exactly what we need: Just another lock-step Republican...just like Jim Ryun before you.


Anonymous said...

damn, lynn..."I only recorded a commercial because someone told me to" is NOT the kind of message you should be letting out there.

will you just do what those same people tell you to when you're in congress?

Anonymous said...

ryun's going to crush jenkins in the primary and win his seat again in november.

we can't let unethical abortionists like jenkins into congress...she's worse than boyda.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the Ryun people much like the Phill Kline crowd are stuck on one issue.

Anonymous said...

choice will help jenkins in the general, but it isn't a winner for a primary.

jenkins can't be elected because she's a liar...or so flimsy in her principles that she lets other people tell her what to do.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ..... and Jim Ryun principles were strong ..... hmmmmmm

If you believe that I have a cut rate home deal for you in Washington ..... oh wait already done that one

Ryan said...

The prospect of either Jenkins or Ryun representing the second district should be embarrassing for Kansans. The fact that Ryun's congressional run was a waste of ten years and the fact the Jenkins is apparently a gullible party tool leaves only one clear choice: Boyda.

Anonymous said...

my guess is both ryun and jenkins would get swamped by boyda in the general...ryun's a tool and jenkins is vapid.

Anonymous said...

honestly i didn't think the kansas republicans could do worse than Jim Ryun...but this jenkins chick is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Quite an angry bunch the Democrats are.

The party of love and acceptance ..... my ass

Anonymous said...

lol...just because the two republicans running for congress are idiots isn't our fault.

Anonymous said...

just my point .... name calling angry bunch

Anonymous said...

if you call that "calling names" you haven't visited thekansasrepublican, have you?

i can be more eloquent, if you'd like: it isn't our fault the republicans running for congress in the 2nd district are just more of the same ill-conceived public policy baskwash we've had for the last eight years. it's too bad both of them have been in the past and are being accused again of being unethical, and it's too bad both of them would do either very best to make sure the policies of this presidents administration are continued for at least another 2 years.

they are horrible, awful, bad candidates with horrible awful bad ideas.

and idiots.

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