Monday, May 19, 2008

Letter to the Editor: An Example for Congress

As appeared in the May 15 issue of the Topeka Capital-Journal:

Letter: Example for Congress

On May 3, Rep. Nancy Boyda visited Valley Falls as part of her 2008 listening tour called "Congress on Your Corner." She is back in the 2nd District nearly every weekend, listening to what folks have to say and helping people get results from federal bureaucracies where difficulties persist.

I am always amazed how hard-working and genuine she is. In Valley Falls, Rep. Boyda and our community had in-depth and candid discussions on issues ranging from supporting veterans, continuing middle-class tax cuts, immigration policies that are enforced and work, sound trade policies that strengthen the United States and difficulties within Social Security and health care.

I was thoroughly impressed when Rep. Boyda stated that she and her husband, Steve, declined the stellar health care plan offered to her as a member of Congress. Instead, they pay gobs of money every month out of their own pocket. The reason: they couldn't accept this benefit in good conscience when so many of us here in the district struggle to obtain and/or pay for coverage. This is a bold example that other members of Congress should follow.

After the session ended, townspeople had an opportunity for one-on-one time to get help battling bureaucratic obstacles. Then, she was off to Fat Jack's on Broadway for ice cream and antique browsing.

She had a few minutes before heading to her next stop, so she stopped by the home of a Valley Falls woman who has been battling health problems and didn't have the strength to make it to the event.

What an excellent example Nancy Boyda is.


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