Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tax Dollars for Infrastructure at Home or in Iraq?

As debate begins on a new Iraq-Afghanistan war funding measure, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda has joined a growing group of Members of Congress calling for Iraq to repay the United States for the money spent on reconstruction.

Meanwhile, 47 Democrats who were elected to Congress in 2006 appealed to Pelosi and two key appropriations chairmen to include provisions requiring that future U.S. funding for reconstruction, military training and fuel be repaid by the Iraqi government from oil revenues.

Several Democrats say Americans are tired for paying for Iraq's needs.

"It's time for Iraq to step up and take control of its reconstruction and its future. Americans are no longer willing to write a blank check for Iraq's reconstruction costs, our military fuel costs, and the cost of training Iraq's military," said Rep. Ron Klein.

"For crying out loud, they [the American people, presumably] want to know why we are continuing to send our American dollars overseas to Iraq to continue to pay for their reconstruction," added Rep. Nancy Boyda.

It's a great question- particularly as our infrastructure at home begins to fail. We'll hope Boyda and the rest of the freshmen Democrats are successful in their attempt.


Anonymous said...

just another political stunt from the Democrats- the states in the US can pay for whatever they need, Iraq needs our help

Anonymous said...

Why do they need our help? Did someone destroy their infrastructure? Blow up their buildings? I wonder who that could've been.

Anonymous said...

we were there giving them freedom- liberals just don't know how to spend money at home.

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