Thursday, May 15, 2008

More on the New Ryun-Jenkins Poll

Little snippet from The Hill gives us some more reaction to the recently released poll that shows Jim Ryun destroying Lynn Jenkins by 44 points in the primary in the KS-02:

Former Rep. Jim Ryun leads state Treasurer Lynn Jenkins by roughly 3-to-1, according to a Ryun-commissioned poll of their GOP primary race released Wednesday.

Ryun’s 65 percent-to-21 percent lead among GOP primary voters represents a significant bump for the former congressman since a poll released nearly a month ago showed Ryun leading 50 percent to 34.

That poll was conducted for a group supporting Jenkins.

“While this race is bound to tighten as the campaign progresses, there is no question that Jim Ryun has a very strong edge among GOP voters,” says the poll, which was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies. “The report indicates that Ryun benefits from significantly higher name identification.”

Jenkins campaign manager Patrick Leopold took issue with the poll, noting that it was not “independent.”

“We haven’t spent a dime on advertising and sit here today with more money to spend on the primary than Ryun,” Leopold said, adding that the April poll showed that “the more people hear about his record, the better we do.”

Ryun communications director Jacqueline Harrison said: “This poll speaks for itself.”
Indeed the poll does speak for itself- Jim Ryun continues to out-perform the pro-choice, pro-tax Lynn Jenkins with Republican primary voters. We will, however, have to wait and see what these numbers do after both candidates go up on TV, which should, probably, be any time now.


Anonymous said...

It's obvious to anyone paying any attention at all that lynn jenkins isn't a republican, and that she simply can't win the primary against ryun.

she's just at bad at boyda.

Anonymous said...

And Jim Ryun is the worst of the bunch .... a do nothing FORMER Congressman who lost touch with his district and became a lap dog of Tom Delay.

Anonymous said...

and, kids, that's why nancy boyda is going to get herself re-elected

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