Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Conservative Bloggers Take Notice of Jenkins' Stand on Abortion

From Kansas Meadowlark today we get some more coverage of Lynn Jenkins' decision to accept contributions and other fundraising assistance from WISH List- the nation's largest pro-choice Republican organization.

Wikipedia explains that “WISH” stands for “Women in the Senate and House” and is considered a counterpart to Emily’s list, a group that supports pro-abortion Democratic women, and the Susan B. Anthony List, a group that elects pro-life women.
All quite true.

KS Meadowlark goes on to mention Jim Ryun has been endorsed by a couple of anti-abortion groups.
Ryun’s recent report shows “earmarked” contributions from Concerned Women for America PAC. See all Ryun’s FEC reports here. Wikipedia explains that CWA is a conservative Christian political action group.
They also mention Ryun's endorsement by FRC Action, which this blog has already discussed. While that organization isn't the sort of org anyone should be courting, this take on the differences between Ryun & Jenkins on issues of deep concern to the primary voters in the Kansas Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

so, again, why does this woman think she can win the republican primary?

being pro-choice doesn't hurt in the general, but, god, how can she survive the primary?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... and this is exactly why Republicans will lose in the general ..... they continue to let the fringe define the party in the state.

Have they not learned anything in the special elections held throughout the country .......

3 special elections for Republican held seats

Anonymous said...

being pro life is fringe now? not in kansas it isn't, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's why Jim Ryun won 5 times in a row in the 2nd District, because he is a "fringe" pro-lifer. If being pro-life is so fringe, how come Nancy Boyda isn't wearing her abortion-on-demand creds on her sleeve?

Anonymous said...

you are not getting my point .... this is not the ONLY issue that matters to many Republican voters. Abortion is only a piece of the puzzle and single issue voters are killing the party.

Voters care about the economy, health care, gas prices, education, war in Iraq, etc.

We will remain the minority party on the national level if all we wanna talk about is abortion.

Anonymous said...

which, quite frankly, is exactly what we want :-)

nancy boyda's going to get re-elected.

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