Thursday, May 8, 2008

Endrosements Roll in for Ryun, Jenkins Left Holding the Door

Yesterday we got a Google News Alert for an article on the NRCC web site trumpetting Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake's endorsement of Jim Ryun, in which Flake said Congress "needs" Ryun.

We'd post a link to it, but the NRCC took it off their web site because, we can only assume, that they realized suddenly Jim Ryun still had a primary opponent in the race, and that they had said they weren't taking sides.

Whatever- we understand it's easy to overlook Jenkins' faltering campaign (just like the Topeka news media did- Jim Ryun had umpteen news crews and KPR on hand when he opened his camapign office while the only thing Lynn got was two paragraphs on the WIBW web site).

It's also clear which side national Republican groups have fallen in this particular race, with Ryun endorsed by CHOMP, FRC Action, and the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate- while Jenkins has found herself out in the cold for the most part, only finding help from Republican pro-choice organizations.

Another week and another reason to not want to be a Lynn Jenkins supporter.


Anonymous said...

they shouldn't even file...she needs to just drop her campaign and go back to her day job working for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins will be just fine .... endorsements aren't everything .... remember the endorsements of Rudy Guiliani .... and where is he now .... Phil Kline received endorsements in the last election by similar conservative groups .... that worked out well didn't it

Anonymous said...

Apparently you don't watch TV. Jenkins opening was on both WIBW and KSNT.

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