Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Republicans Just Don't Get It: Free Trade Edition

More than a year ago at this point, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda said the Kansas Republican Party and their national counterparts just "don't get it" when it comes to the issues that are near and dear to Kansans- and that they just don't get the fact attacking her ceaselessly does them almost no good at all.

The still haven't learned that lesson, apparently, which shouldn't really surprise anyone. They're all still pretty sure attacking her for doing exactly what her district wants is a winning strategy.

Today, what has become the only Republican blog worth reading (both because it's the only one that posts regularly and becaise it's kind of entertaining how deftly they bend reality to shine only on Republicans and a certain coal-fired power plant), posted about the Columbia Free Trade agreement, which, as you remember, was recently taken off of automatic fast-track status by logical and responsible vote of the House (it's good to think about things before you vote on them...we understand that's a hard concept for conservatives...it lets facts get in the way of rabid anti-Americanism).

Anyway, the post written by the Right Wingers smacks Boyda around, saying her vote is proof positive she's not an independent voice for Kansans because- insert shock- many other members of her same party voted the same way she did (just advanced logic, boys...), and comes up with the hair-brained assertion her vote hurt Kansans.

It, of course, did the exact opposite.

Our philosophy says it's best to always use the Congresswoman's words rather than make up our own, so here ya go:

Over the past ten years, free trade agreements such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) have resulted in lost jobs for Kansans.
Obvious to anyone paying attention...or to anyone who has seen this chart. Even newer numbers say Kansas has lost nearly 17,000 because of NAFTA alone. That's more people than live in most Kansas cities.
The high quality jobs that Americans depend on to provide for their families have moved to countries with cheaper labor and often sub-standard working conditions. As long as our trade agreements do not address job loss for Americans and safe working conditions among all countries, trade will continue to be unequal.

These negotiated trade agreements do not sufficiently guard the American workers and businesses because the safeguards are not enforceable. An important key to revising US trade policies has taken place; the fast track negotiating authority has expired. This means the President no longer has the power to negotiate trade agreements without congressional amendment. Congress can again oversee and shape trade policy as described in the Constitution and provide balance between the branches of government.
Good God! You mean they actually made the President of the United States follow the Constitution? How horrendous! And how totally un-independent of Boyda..she ought be ashamed!

While this particular vote wasn't an up or down vote on the trade agreement, Boyda has been clear that unfair trade policies will not receive her support- regardless of how much TheKansasRepublican thinks that means she just marching to someone else's drum.
If any trade agreements come before Congress that do not provide for a more even playing field and fairer working conditions, I will oppose them and actively work to have my colleagues do the same.
In the end, Boyda is marching to a different drum than the person who writes TKR is- she's marching to the drum the people of Kansas are playing. Someday, hopefully, you'll get to hear it, too.


Anonymous said...

god...what are you doing complimenting TKR like that? have you actually ever read them?

Anonymous said...

The reason congress needs to pass the free trade deal is not only the free trade=fair trade (that is another argument that needs to be taught to Democrats in a intro-econ course) but because Columbia is right next to Venezuela, and we dont need another one of those!

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