Friday, May 16, 2008

KS GOP Blogs Stupid- Again

First they posted a link to a video that included a minute and a half of content countering the argument they thought it was defending.

Now they post a link to a survey that says Republican obstruction and George W. Bush's vetoes of common sense legislation makes people dislike Congress.

Let's look, shall we?

In their post, the KS GOP tries to convince you that it is Nancy Boyda & Dennis Moore's fault people hate Congress right now, pointing to the fact that body does indeed have the lowest approval rating of any Congress in the history of the Gallup poll.

The neglect to mention Todd Tiahrt, Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback are all also in Congress...and are actually the problem.

No, we aren't just saying that because we support Nancy Boyda- we're saying that because that's what the poll says.

The poll says Americans disapprove of Congress in about the same numbers. Now, the Republicans really want you to believe that the reason the public disapproves of Congress is because the disapprove of the kinds of things the Democratic leadership and people like Boyda and Moore are trying to accomplish.

That isn't true. And we can prove it with numbers.

They ignore that every poll released in the last year say people support increasing the minimum wage, they support stem cell research, and they support a reasoned withdrawal from Iraq- all the kinds of things the Democrats have championed, that the Republicans opposed, and that the President attempted to prevent.

Republicans, of course, disapprove of Congress...because they aren't in charge anymore. But that survey shows Democrats also disapprove of the job Congress is doing- because the Republicans are preventing any real action on the things that matter to people.

So, Christian, consider that a spike- Boyda and Moore are doing exactly what the people of the United States want them to do, while Republicans are standing pat in the way of progress.


Anonymous said...

i love the republicans in really does seem like they're the least effective majority party in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is always someone else's fault .... even when Democrats are in charge

Anonymous said...

what an ignorant comment...every poll clearly shows the approval rating is poor because democrats disapprove of the way congress is acting.

do you think that's because they don't like the Democratic stands on issues? No, of course not, you ass, it's because they WANT ACTION..which the Republicans prevented.

if you knew anything about polling..which you obviously don' could look at trends and understand what's going on. But, right wing radicals like you just want to tear down Democrats, be damned the truth.

Anonymous said...

show me all of these polls you talk about where the Congressional approval rating is all about Republicans

Anonymous said...

Nancy is nuts. Not right in the head. Let's talk about that.

Anonymous said...

Have you clicked on the above linked poll? In poll after poll, when asked if they would chose a generic Democrat or a generic Republican, the overwhelming majority of Americans chooses Democrat. Also, look at the issue breakouts on the polls, Americans support the issues Democrats support and they're pissed because those issues aren't getting accomplished.

Also, these polls are somewhat misleading because every year, Republican or Democrat, you ask someone what they think about Congress and they'll rant about how ineffective it is. You ask them what they think about their congressman or woman and they love them. The only poll that matters is in November, and if Americans were so upset with Ds, it would won't because they're not.

Anonymous said...

I love it. When republicans don't like what you're talking about we get ad hominum attacks

Thus why you lose

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