Monday, May 19, 2008

Ryun to Host Reception to "Honor" Miserably Failed Presidential Candidate

Radical conservatives stick together. Jim Ryun's seen several of his former pals in Congress help him out over the last few months- even throwing nice fundraisers for him in Texas, which netted him a nice chunk of change.

Now Jim's "giving back" by throwing a reception to "honor" failed Republican Presidential candidate Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)...that just so happens to also be a fundraiser for the Ryun campaign.

Ain't it convenient when things work out like that? You can honor your friends and use them to raise moolah all at the same time!

Yes, we are fully aware you don't know who Duncan Hunter is (no one does...). So, who the heck is he? Well, like we said, he ran for president- badly- pulling about 3% in national polls when they even bothered to include him. Also, he was endorsed by Ann Coulter as her number one choice for President of the United States. (Yes, Ann freakin' Coulter!). If that doesn't tell you he's a wack job...

In the Iowa caucuses Hunter finished in seventh place with 524 votes or less than 1% of the total...last for all intents and purposes (Tom Tancredo got 5, there's that). He also placed last in the Michigan primary...right behind "Uncommitted," which, incidentally, did receive 15,000 votes MORE than Hunter did.

But that uncommitted is crafty...

Just like Jim Ryun, it seems Rep. Hunter doesn't care much about actually doing the job people elected him to do- in the 110th Congress Hunter has so far missed 27% of all votes cast (compare that to Congresswoman Nancy Boyda who has missed 1.6% of votes cast or Congressman Dennis Moore who has only not voted 0.7% of the time).

So on June 7, our favorite Republican loser Jim Ryun is bringing the single biggest loser (and Ann Coulter's favorite loser) of this year's Presidential contests in for a barbeque- and for only $250 you can get your picture taken in his stunning splendor.

All in his honor, of course.


Anonymous said...

lord, jim....could you not find a non-crazy non-loser to come raise money for you?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting since Democrats the other day made such a big thing out of their miserably failed candidate John Edwards endorsing Obama.

Anonymous said...

Edwards came in second in Iowa..and was the vice presidential nominee in 2004.

hunter got....last....of every major primary or caucus he competed in.

Anonymous said...

Wow .... second in Iowa ... How did he fare in other states?

He was the vice-presidential candidate that lost to an idiot in George W. Bush.

Sounds like a failure to me

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