Friday, May 9, 2008

To Privatize or Not to Privatize: Where is Jim?

Great LTE in the CapJournal about Jim Ryun's stance on the privatization of Social Security.

Best part ... Scroll down and read the comments - they are particularly interesting. Specifically
Snert2 who I found was particularly funny
"I agree that Jim Ryun should run. My doctor tells me that regular physical exercise leads to a healthy lifetime. I am one registered Republican who will not vote for him to "run" for public office again."

"I too am a registered Replublican(can't remain an Independent to vote in a primary)that plans on voting for Nancy Boyda.Mr.Ryun only came home at election time.Nancy listens."

"Wow! I hope he reads this. It could save him much public humiliation. The people that voted for him over Nancy Boyda didn't know what representation was. Now they do. Sure you get some people who only follow party lines but I don't think blatent stupidity will prevail in this race. Republican and Democrat fall way behind doing a job and stuffing a shirt."

Good people - just gotta say ... good people

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Anonymous said...

honest to god...who cares? so jim's a liar and republicans know why are you posting comments from other blogs? can't you think of anything to write yourself?

AND YOU ALREADY POSTED THIS LETTER! why did you post it again?

This blog is not affiliated in any way with the Kansas Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, or the campaign to re-elected Congresswoman Nancy Boyda. All commentary herein not directly attributed must be considered the opinion of the authors of this blog and not of any other individual, including Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.