Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GOP Attacks Boyda on FISA- Again

Yesterday, the Kansas Republican Party threw up a post on their official blog, The Kansas Trunkline (Trunkline? Seriously?) that reopens an old wound for the KS GOP: Their massive, massive failure to make Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's vote to renew and extend FISA somehow akin to letting terrorists sleep in her guest bedroom.

While this is an argument that has been a losing one for the Kansas Republican Party for months at this point, they continue to harp on it in an effort to mislead and misinform the voters of the state of Kansas. Why? Because they're so out-of-touch they don't realize it's hurting them.

Not only does the KS GOP willfully bend the truth in their new post, saying "no civil liberties of American citizens are in jeopardy" and "Boyda is trying to make our intelligence experts go through a bureaucratic legal process to be able to monitor terrorists outside the United States" with the House-passed bill, they also dredge out of the Internet cesspool the "Defense of Democracies" TV ad that was aired against Boyda and that was completely shredded by an independent review that was then published in Newsweek. No, not published on some liberal blog- published in Newsweek. It's today painfully clear the ad was nothing more than a fabrication created to scare voters.

So, either the Kansas Republican Party staff can't read or they're just OK with lying. Not very patriotic either way.

That's why Boyda called those statements "damned lies" for in her speech to the Kansas Democratic Party on March 1, and, by reminding all of us of their blatant scare tactics, they show us all that they are now unrepentant in peddling those damned lies.

In addition, they're also stupid peddlers of damned lies- the copy of the Defense of Democracies TV commercial they linked to in their post is twice as long as the actual ad- because it includes 30 seconds of rebuttal to it- "Don't believe this ad's lies" is what it says, actually.

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's vote on FISA was courageous, it was honorable, and it was simply the only right thing to do. The Kansas Republican Party, however, asked us all at the time to call her and ask her if she was "on our side or on the side of the terrorists."

And, just like Boyda said then, "That is what we'd call a stupid question."

(Link to the video & transcript of Boyda's speech on FISA).


Anonymous said...

they're still trotting out this tired attack? why are they stupid?

Anonymous said...

and i'll never get over being really seriously offended about the whole "is she with us or with the terrorists" thing...i mean, how stupid and how un-American can you get?

Bill W said...


They actually linked to my video!?! Did they not even watch it? They must have really gotten a "kick" out of my politiclips closer. lol.

"Here’s a brief video that sheds more light on the situation."

Yes, it does. lmao!

Boyda Bloc said...

i know, bill w, can you believe it?

how could they be so....dumb?

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