Friday, May 16, 2008

More on the Farm Bill

Another article today from the Wall Street Journal talking about why the Farm Bill found veto proof success, even though the President and the Republican leadership in the House instructed members to vote against it (which bleary-eyed lapdogs Todd Tiahrt & Jerry Moran dutifully did).

Last time around, Republicans were pretty generous when it came to larding up the farm bill.

This year, though, some of them had a change of attitude.

President Bush directed his party to get back to its fiscally conservative roots. He said he would prefer no new farm bill to the one written by Democrats.

The elected leader of the House Republicans, John Boehner from a corn-growing district in western Ohio, called the bill “a great example of what’s wrong in Washington.”

But half of Rep. Boehner’s caucus didn’t see it that way – 100 Republicans voted for the bill, which racked up such a large victory margin – 318-106 – that overriding a veto shouldn’t pose much of a problem, if it comes to that.

It’s a testament to the power of an important constituency in both congressional and presidential contests: the rural vote.

Yep, the rural vote, and the deep necessity to protect our farmers. Democrats and Republicans expressed the same reason for voting as they did: "I was voting my district."

That's what Nancy Boyda did. Dennis Moore, who's district has almost no farmers (if any) voted the way he knew Kansas farmers needed him to vote. Even Senators Pat Roberts and Sam Brownback voted with a veto-proof majority in the Senate to pass the bill (though they both expressed the same hesitations Boyda did- that the bill wasn't perfect, but it was certainly better than nothing). Heck, Farm Bureau back the dang bill.

Only Tiahrt & Moran seemed to forget they represent a state of farmers and not San Francisco. Luckily Nancy Boyda was looking out for their constituents.


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I'll trust Jerry Moran's opinion on this bill long before I will trust any other Kansas Senator or Congressman. I'll trust Congressman Moran long before I will trust either senator or any of the rest of the Kansas' representative in Congress including Nancy Boyda.

Congresswoman Boyda talks about her connection to her district ...... Jerry Moran has been coming home to Kansas pretty much every weekend for going on 12 years, his district cover 2/3 of Kansas yet he does an annual tour of his district visiting every county. Jerry Moran is far more in touch with the people of Kansas than any of the rest of it's delegation.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's home more often than Jerrry (just look at their public schedules), and on this one, if the rest of the House had voted along with Jerry, the people he's supposed to be representing would be forced to shutter their farms.

he made a significant mistake on this one, and it's because he's a push over when things get hard.

Anonymous said...

i'll disagree with on the how often they come home and connection with their district.

if jerry was out of touch with his district i would think democrats could find a challenger to oppose him. and they have not had a serious challenger ever as far as i can remember.

Anonymous said...

it' an R+20 district...he'll keep it until the Rapture.

And Boyda IS home more often. You don't have to like her or even admit she's "in touch with her district" but denying the truth is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Since Moran comes home nearly every weekend .... how much more often can Boyda be home?

Anonymous said...

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