Thursday, July 17, 2008

At Least She's Trying Now: Jenkins' Ad Buy

From Roll Call (sub. required)-

State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, hoping to upend former Rep. Jim Ryun in the 2nd district Republican primary, is up with her first television ad of the campaign, although the buy is limited.

Jenkins on Tuesday launched a mostly positive, 30-second spot on broadcast television in the Joplin-Pittsburg market, which covers about 21 percent of the Republican-leaning, eastern Kansas 2nd district. The Jenkins campaign bought 500 gross ratings points for the ad, which focuses on government spending, taxes and immigration.

For someone with pitiful name ID in most of her district, it's unfortunate she's decided to only talk to a handful of voters. What, Lynn, out of money? Or are you dumb enough to have suddenly become over-confident?

Will someone tell her yard signs don't actually vote...

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