Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jenkins Buys TV Stupid; Wastes Money Talkin' To Dennis Moore's Voters

Yesterday we brought you the news Lynn Jenkins had (finally) expanded her TV commercial buy outside of the Joplin, MO market- but instead of doing the logical- buying Topeka time to target her Topeka-centric district, Jenkins went all stupid and spent ridiculously more money (per spot) to talk to significantly fewer of her potential voters with a $21,000 ad by on KMBC (the Kansas City, MO ABC affiliate).

That $21K bought her 45 ads

For some perspective: The buy Jim Ryun made that ran from July 15- 21 was on all of the Topeka stations and in Joplin- a total of 381 spots for a grand total of $23,215.

Ryun: 380 spots for $23K
Jenkins: 45 spots for $21K

You don't have to be a CPA to understand who got the better deal on this one...

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