Friday, July 11, 2008

Continue with Change- Keep Boyda in Office

The supporters of Lynn Jenkins are trying to do everything they can to save her failing candidacy for Congress, including simply ignoring the fact even if she does manage to beat Jim Ryun August 5, she still will have to provide a compelling reason to elect her over Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.

In a letter to the editor that appeared in yesterday's Topeka Capital-Journal, a fellow (who doesn't even live in the district, by the way) wrote how important it is to have someone the people can see coming home and working for them represent them in Congress.

The 2nd District is hungry for someone who is visible in their towns, someone who is willing to take on the always changing political jargon of Washington.'s almost like he's talking about Nancy Boyda...and since this man doesn't live in the Kansas 2nd, it's excusable he'd just ignore the fact Boyda has been home nearly every single weekend since she was elected, and that she's held 58 Congress on Your Corners, and that she has had more than 400 public meetings with people from all over the district. He'd know all of that, of course, if he lived in her district, or if he had seen her first newspaper insert (which should have now appeared in ever newspaper in the district).

You sure can say you don't like how she's voted on things- that's tremendously fair, because not everyone agrees 100% of the time. But something even Jim Ryun & Lynn Jenkins (and their supporters) can't deny is that Nancy Boyda has been incredibly visible & incedibly accessible during her time in office. Honest to goodness, she can't be attacked on that front with a straight face.

And, incidently, people commenting on the letter on CJOnline agree:
  • Nancy Boyda is far better than Ryun or Jenkins.
  • This Republican likes Boyda, so I plan to write in Nancy Boyda on my primary ballot.
    Maybe the writer in Council Grove plans to move.
  • I agree. Nancy Boyda is far better than Ryun or Jenkins. Both of these candidates are career politicians and I still can't get past the fact of how many taxpayer dollars Lynn Jenkins has spent keeping her name and face in front of the public with her "public service announcement".
  • We don't have to "revive" our fervor for change in Washington--it is alive and well. Nancy Boyda is part of that plan of change and has proven it over the last year and a half. We need to keep her in office and send a few more persons of change to Washington!
  • I am also a Republican that will vote for Boyda. She at least takes the time to write back when I send a question to her. Ryun is just sleazy!!! He needs to go away. Jenkins so far has not impressed me with anything.

Sorry, Republicans....try again.


Anonymous said...

boyda is doing what the average congressman, i mean, woman, should do. ryun was so awful it makes her look good.

bravo to nancy for coming back to visit her constituents every now and then!

Anonymous said...

Nancy is better than Ryun, but we will have to see if see is better than Jenkins...what about her and her democratic friends plan about lowering gas prices?

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! Where is that Jenkins ad that you were so excited about?

Boyda Bloc said...

HEY it doesn't drop until next week!

Anonymous said...

every now and then? i love it when republicans try so, so hard to make reality sound bad- boyda's been home every single weekend, has had more public meetings than every other member of our congressional delegation..and you say it's every now and then.

well, thank god for lynn jenkins- she's never even going to go to washington! she's just going to put up a card table on Topeka Blvd. and hand out American flags to everyone who walks by.

get really assholes- you don't have to like boyda, but you have got to respect her for the amount of time she spends talking to her constituents. if you don't, you're being partisan douches.

Anonymous said...

From what I have seen Boyda spends a lot of the time talking at her constiuents rather than listening

Anonymous said...

then you haven't been watching very often, have you? i've seen her at 2 congress on your corners, and she sits down with each and every person and listens to their concerns & problems.

there isn't any way you republicans can win if you try to attack her for not being attentive enough to her constituents. she's better than ryun was, and better than every single other member of hte delegation, including fellow democrat Dennis Moore.

Anonymous said...

2 out of 458 events isn't many, so maybe you got her on a day when she didn't know everything

Anonymous said...

She only refuses to listen when it is a credible source telling her something she doesn't want to hear... such as a general, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

this is just the same old stuff...people that don't agree with her will always say "she doesn't listen" because she doesn't change her opinion to match theirs.

the public schedule she has kept is simply amazing, and the letter writer simply doesn't know what he's talking about.

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