Monday, July 21, 2008

Letter to the Editor: Ryun Was Worthless

Also from Sunday's Cap-J:

Letter: Twisting the Facts

The Ryun campaign must believe voters have short memories, or it wouldn't be airing the recent ad claiming that the former congressman was instrumental in securing BRAC money for Forts Riley and Leavenworth.

The truth is that Ryun and the Republican-controlled Congress in 2006 were responsible for eliminating the BRAC funding for the two military installations because they failed to pass a budget that fall. The continuing resolution that they did pass held all funding at previous levels, which threw out the BRAC budget additions.

It wasn't until the new Congress took office in 2007 that BRAC funding for the two Kansas facilities was reinstated — through the hard work and perseverance of newly elected Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, a member of the House Armed Services committee.

Since the day after her election — when she went to Parsons to attend a BRAC meeting for their ammunition plant — to now, Boyda has been a strong and determined advocate for the military in Kansas and for veterans across the country.

If we can't count on the Ryun campaign to be honest in its advertising, can we expect anything different back in Washington?

JAN GARTON, Manhattan

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Anonymous said...

tell us something we didnt already know?

Anonymous said...

Jim Ryun secured BRAC funding every year for every military installation in the 2nd District. Boyda's muddling about in DC cost the forts millions of dollars, esp. Fort Riley. She is worthless on this one.

Anonymous said...

Unreal. Ryun secured, and announced, BRAC funding before leaving office. It's nice spin to claim that the incoming Congress' cuts to that funding were somehow the fault of those no longer in office, but it's spin that voters can see through. If you think voters are dumb enough to believe that someone other than the Member voting for the cuts (Boyda) is the one to blame, you really under-estimate the intelligence of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

ryun and his cronies screwed kansas by not funding kansas projects right before he left office- and, thank god, boyda and the democrats put the money back in place.

Anonymous said...

she got us MORE money, not less, liars

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