Friday, July 11, 2008

DCCC to spend $1.2 million on TV in the KS-02

From the Associated Press & TMP, the DCCC has announced plans to spend $35 million in potentially vulnerable districts before the November election, and the Kansas 2nd is on that list.

We've just obtained from a Democratic source a long list of 31 races that the DCCC has decided to target with ads this fall -- a list that offers a glimpse into the national Dems' view of which Republican seats are ripe targets and which Dems are vulnerable.

The DCCC's list adds up to over $34 million on TV ads this September and October in 31 targeted districts, a move designed to swamp the NRCC with the Dems' huge cash advantage.
More power to them.

According to TMP Election Central, the cut for the Kansas 2nd will be $1.2 million. We will remind everyone (because the Republicans will lie about it if we don't), these are independent expenditure figures, this isn't (because it can't be) a coordinated effort with the campaign.

It's interesting, also, that the DCCC has decided to invest in the race, if only because Congresswoman Nancy Boyda declined participation in the Frontline program, which is dedicated to rasing money for potentially vulnerable members.

Every dollar that makes it harder for the Republicans to unseat Boyda makes the folks at this blog pleased.

UPDATE: And just so we are all aware...that's 16,200 points. That, my friends, is HUGE.


Anonymous said...

Yeah ... good thing Boyda is an "independent" and not part of the Washington Democratic machine.

The Democratic National Committee is willing to spend $1.2 million to keep her voting their way. It only took one term to become part of the Democratic National machinery.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out that Boyda is vulnerable and that DCCC has to come in to help. From your posts the last few days, it seemed Boyda was invincible. DCCC must have the polling that shows they need to invest.

Anonymous said...

lord...we've all seen the DCCC's poll, so you know exactly what they show.

look at all the other candidates on that list- they're going all in on all of the Democrats in Republican districts.

Dennis Moore & Nancy Boyda will always be vulnerable- only because there are more registered republicans than democrats in their districts. does that mean you can beat them? Dennis has been in office for nearly 10 it's looking like no.

Anonymous said...

boyda's a democrat, and they want to keep their majority. she hasn't been a good vote for them on a lot of issues (look at immigration, boyda's MUCH more conservative than the democrats).

but they sure as hell want to keep any member with a D regardless...a lesson Republicans should learn.

Anonymous said...

republicans are able to win by convincing people the surface level of something is the only thing that's important...which that is always bullshit.

"The Democrats are buying ads in the district! That means she's an uber liberal baby killing gay loving drug using hippie!" It means she's a Democrat in a Republican district. It doesn't mean she's a lock-step members, it means she's a Democrat in a Republican district. The value the "D" not the (absent) perfect voting record.

Anonymous said...

Boyda votes with Nancy Pelosi 94% of the time. THAT'S what makes me think she's not "independent."

Anonymous said...

So how much money is the DCCC spending on Moores district since he is in NONE!!! Either the DCCC thinks boyda is in trouble (which she is, I mean come on) and/or they dont trust her to have any money....

Anonymous said...

Should Ryun win, watch this buy disappear. Ryun wins, Boyda wins. Jenkins wins, its on. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

it's an R-7 district- the fact it's going to be hard for any democrat to hold is NOT news.

the DCCC is covering it's bases, protecting the potentially vulnerable & the D's in hard districts...exactly like the Republicans wish they could afford to do.

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