Monday, July 7, 2008

Best Way to Lose a Primary....Not Campaign in Your District!

Where will Lynn Jenkins be only 15 days before Republicans will determine whether or not she has a future in elective politics in Kansas?

Campaigning- just like you'd imagine she would be.

Ah, the "stoopid" catch: She'll be rubbing elbows in Wichita at a reception in Old Town.

Um, Lynn? We know you've already raised most of the money for your campaign for the 2nd District seat in Wichita & Kansas City, but you do realize they can't actually vote for you, right?


Anonymous said...

dang...shouldn't she, by that time, be trying to do everything she can to pull voters out of the woodwork? seems like a dumb time to be traveling out-of-district.

Anonymous said...

who knows she might be hitting some places down south on here way. None the less raise money where the money is, at least it is Kansas,... cause we know there is a big difference between 2nd and 4th districts

Anonymous said...

I guess Nancy doesn't care about Wichita. Last I heard they are still in the state of Kansas. Better to raise money in Kansas than DC (and then say you don't raise money in DC).

Anonymous said...

well you know some people had to get Jerry Moran do to something for them when disaster struck in Osawatomie, and Jim Ryun was no where to be you know I am sure Nancy Boyda represents Kansasans in addition to the second district...or at least does in her liberal love all way!

Anonymous said...

you people that keep posting boyda hasn't done anything should look at her new newspaper insert- you won't be able to say she hasn't done anything anymore.

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