Thursday, July 3, 2008

UPDATE: Freedom's Watch Radio Ad Buy

As we reported on Monday, the radical group Freedom's Watch has radio ads up and running as we speak attacking Congresswoman Nancy Boyda for the price of gasoline.

And, as we expected, the ad throws up the claim that Boyda is standing in the way of new domestic drilling (without actually cite any instances where she has done any such thing), which, as we've also showing you all week long, simply isn't the case.

To echo what Boyda has already said: There is land available now for drilling that isn't being used. She supports a gas tax holiday. She has already voted in favor of new domestic energy exploration. And, biggest of all, nothing we do now will do anything in the short tern to lower the price of gasoline. We must, for a long term solve, invest in alternatives to oil. And, as long as oil companies are seeing world-record profits, they deserve not a single dime of taxpayer money. With the price of gas, we simply can't afford given them anything more.

If you'd like to listen to the ad yourself, click here.

It doesn't matter that much regardless- the ad buy from big, bad Freedom's Watch was TINY- only 20 spots on two stations totally $570.

Lord, if that's all it takes, maybe this blog should become a federal PAC...

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Anonymous said...

the GOP Is having a hard time with their IE's this time around, aren't they?

it's fun to see them that demoralized.

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