Monday, July 21, 2008

Driving at Her Own Expense

A strange little puff piece in the Topeka Capital Journal today about our Members of Congress and who is paying for their travel- the Kansas delegation doesn't take advantage of a rule that would allow them to get free rides- but good press is good press, right?

Rep. Nancy Boyda doesn't accept the federal mileage reimbursement when she drives her own car for official use, much less use taxpayer's money for leasing a car, said spokesman Thomas Seay.

"Our aim is to run our office as effectively as possible," Seay said.

Just another savings brought to you by Nancy Boyda (no, we don't know what Ryun did for a car when he was in office...we'd imagine he wasn't dumb enough to have the taxpayers pay for one...but does anyone know for sure?)


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he just ran everywhere.

Anonymous said...

well see nancy really does not need any money since she was a Republican once who did something with drugs

Anonymous said...

The fact that she's a millionaire might be part of it.

Anonymous said...

and...jerry moran? todd tiahrt? are they just not using a car because they're rich?

no, you idiots.

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