Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Letter: Morgan Owes Boyda Apology

Here, here! From the Pittsburg Morning Sun:

Dear Editor:

Recently I read an e-mail release (dated July 11, 2008) authored by Christian Morgan, Executive Director of the Kansas Republican Party, which accused Congresswoman Nancy Boyda of being less than honest by "not telling her constituents the whole truth" about assistance from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in regard to a recent purchase of campaign advertising time paid for by the committee.

The truth is, in conformity with campaign finance laws, Nancy has absolutely no control over whether the DCCC buys ads on her behalf.

On July 18, 2008, the Topeka Capital-Journal wrote: "Congresswoman Nancy Boyda says she wants the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and other third-party organizations making independent expenditures to political campaigns to keep out of the 2nd congressional district race in Kansas. The DCCC, as a third party, is not associated with any candidate’s campaign and acts on its own."

As Christian Morgan knows, independent expenditures in favor of a candidate can be made (remember the Swiftboaters?), but they cannot coordinate with the candidate and the candidate cannot ask for or influence the content of the ad. Further, the DCCC has bought the time, but has not run any ads yet for Nancy. Christian owes Nancy Boyda an apology.

Don and Betty Hight


Anonymous said...

If she were to sincerely ask the DCCC to get out of the race and gave back the money she has received from leadership and Frontline donors, they would get out of the race.

The fact is Don and Betty, that the DCCC is run by Congressmen that Nancy talks to everyday. If Nancy REALLY wanted the DCCC to stay out of it they would. The fact they aren't getting out speaks volumes and gives Nancy the ability to go on TV and play the hapless victim.

"I told them to get out of my race, but what can I do?", she'll say.

Be Independent. Give leadership money back. Give money received from Frontline donors back. Until then, stop lying to Kansans. You are bought and sold by the Democratic party. Just admit it and move on.

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