Thursday, July 3, 2008

More from Boyda on New Off-Shore Drilling

From KTKA 49 News Topeka:

So, lets all say it together now: Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is in favor of new domestic oil exploration- as long as we pair it with the real long-term solve of research into alternative fuels.


Anonymous said...

k, so was it McCain or the Governator that said "over my dead body"? BB's quote of what she said on the radio said Arnold, now she says McCain on tv.

And what is up with the Star Trek get up? Did she swing by the station on her way to a convention?

Anonymous said...

at various times, both arnold & mccain have said "absolutely not" to offshore drilling. they're both now singing a different toon.

boyda's rightfully pointing out it's isn't Democrats who have been preventing off-shore drilling- it has been politicians of both parties for years.

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