Thursday, July 3, 2008

BB Poll Closed: Jenkins Pulls it Out

Our Boyda Bloc non-scientific poll just ended, and after Jim Ryun holding the lead for most of the week, Lynn Jenkins pulled it out in the end.

Final results:

Jim Ryun: 43% (36 votes)
Lynn Jenkins: 56% (46 votes)

So...again, not what you'd call a scientific poll...or even one that is remotely valid as an indicator of reality. But it does prove one thing: Jenkins supporters are better at the 'net than Ryun's...or, at least, more people who like Lynn read this blog. Either way- good for them.

For these results to come true Ms. Jenkins is going to have to do something, anything, to increase her name recognition outside of Topeka. That probably means significant TV time, because let me tell you, if you leave Topeka and go in south you see nary a one Lynn Jenkins yard sign.

Could it be Jenkins thinks she can win the primary on the backs of Shawnee & Jackson counties with massive loses everywhere else? That's a dangerous bet.

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