Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ryun Drops $30K on New TV Spot

We've just learned the Jim Ryun campaign has purchased another round of TV, spending almost $30K on 276 spots in the Topeka and Joplin markets.

Indicators point to this buy being a new ad, but we don't yet have confirmation on that.

UPDATE: Make that 294 ads- he also bought 10 spots on KTMJ, the Topeka FOX affiliate. The ad will be up July 8.


Anonymous said...

my bet- he's going to beat jenkins up pretty hard in this one.

Anonymous said...

Ryun going negative after asking for positive!?!?!

Anonymous said...

well, of course....but i wouldn't be surprised if the piece jenkins has slated to go up in Joplin isn't going to be a mix of positive about her and negative about jim. she doesn't have much choice at this point.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for the ad's?

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