Friday, July 11, 2008

Jenkins Endorsed by 11 Has-Beens

Light up the electric sign, Muriel, we gots a 'nouncement to make!

Lynn Jenkins has been endorsed by 11 former chairpeople of the Kansas Republican Party- including by the man who many would consider the single biggest failure of a chair the KS GOP has ever seen (notwithstanding dear, dear Kris Kobach) and immediate past Treasurer of the State of Kansas Tim Shallenburger.

Ah, what is that smell in the air? Could it be the smell of...failure? Always seems to follow Mr. Shallenburger around.

Securing these endorsements certainly does prove one thing: the aparatus of the Kansas Republican Party want Jim Ryun to be their nominee again like they want Phill Kline to be their nominee for AG again...about as much as they'd like to shoot themselves in the foot.

But, really Lynn, trumpeting the endorsement of the man that started the downhill slope the KS GOP is currently in? Does that seem even kind of sensible?

You certainly aren't known for common sense, so we ought not be surprised.

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Anonymous said...

To answer your question ... Tim Shallenberger still carries some weight down in Southeast Kansas, he was a conservative Republican representing a Democrat area.... an area that Lynn Jenkins needs to do well in if she is going to have a chance against Jim Ryun.

Funny how your party in recent times can't find candidates for major offices without going to the Republican party. Yet you criticize any Republican that contributes to a candidate who is Democrat.

And you realize that Rochelle Chronister was a legislator at the same time as Sebelius .... and maybe they developed a mutual respect and friendship. Legislator sometimes do that.

Why is it that Nancy Boyda hates Governor Sebelius?

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