Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ryun's New TV Spot Focuses on BRAC, Misleads Voters

For those of you watching television in the Topeka media market this morning you've probably already seen it, but Jim Ryun's newest campaign commercial takes credit for keeping Kansas military bases from being closed during the last round of the Base Re-Alignment and Closure program (BRAC).

UPDATE: And here's the ad:

Never mind Ryun & his old buddies in Congress dropped the ball at the very end of 2006 and refused to fund 2007 BRAC projects, specifically Kansas BRAC projects...never mind Ryun, because of his inaction, nearly lost Kansas military bases more than $300 million.

From the Topeka Capital-Journal:
Bottom line, the lame-duck Congress didn't pass a fiscal 2007 budget last fall. Instead, the 109th Congress approved a continuing resolution, financing the Base Realignment and Closure Commission at 2006 levels but eliminating money for projects at both Fort Riley and Fort Leavenworth.
That's money Ryun cut- and that Congresswoman Nancy Boyda put back in. She did better than just put back in, though:
By late January, with the second continuing resolution on the verge of expiring, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed another resolution that actually raised BRAC funding by $1 billion.
Never mind that.


Anonymous said...

That disingenuous shit- he was talking credit for what Brownback, Roberts & Moran were doing on BRAC when he was in office...and now he's just pretending the 109th Congress didn't totally drop the ball and defund the Kansas parts of the project.

what a lame ass.

Anonymous said...

where is the ad?

Anonymous said...

ryun doesn't have it on his web site yet, it isn't on youtube yet...but it's up on TV alright, i just saw it.

Anonymous said...

it's up on Jim's web site now.

Anonymous said...

and he's someone who will lie straight-faced at the pepole of the district.

thank god the bases didn't close, but how dare Jim Ryun take any credit for it when he stood idly by and watched the Republican leadership refuse to allocate more than $300 million for Kansas bases in the waning days of the 109th Congress?

yeah, that's exactly the kind of leadership we need...

Anonymous said...

great job BB- hit them where it hurts!

Anonymous said...

ryun's a liar and this ad is just more of the same

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