Monday, July 7, 2008

Social Network Battleground

Sorry to be late- but with the holiday we got a little behind on our updates. Regardless, here we are back with our weekly update of how each of our major party candidates are doing in the world of social networking.

We're tracking Facebook and MySpace only.

Candidate# of Friends# of Friends# of Friends# of Friends

Rep. Nancy Boyda (D)

FB Profile493607874959
FB Page820847853872
FB Group415431457600
Frm. Rep. Jim Ryun (R)

FB Profile142152163173
FB Pagen/an/an/an/a
FB Group2790105121
Treasurer Lynn Jenkins (R)

FB Profilen/an/an/an/a
FB Page929299104
FB Group265266274273

Our first week that brings us anyone with falling numbers- Lynn Jenkins managed to lose one person from her "Send Lynn to Washington" group on Facebook. Sign of the apocalypse, right? ;-). Jim Ryun's numbers continue to increase steadily, but Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's numbers are frickin' unbelievable. There is either a very real enthusiasm behind her, or she's got really, really good Web 2.0 staff. Either way, great job Team Boyda!

Remember, each week we'll indicate any up and down movement by putting increasing numbers in bold and falling numbers in italics.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Ron Paul also have a large internet social network?

How did that work out for him again?

Anonymous said...

ah, my friend...but remember...Boyda won in 2006. :-)

Anonymous said...

yes I am sure she one because she accepted all the friend request on fb

Boyda Bloc said..., of course it wasn't, stupid republican, but the social networking sites are just another place to look for volunteers & for supporters.

does it really matter who has the most friends? no, of course not, and we're not saying that. But, each one of those friends is indeed a real person, and if only a handful of them vote, those might not be votes she'd get otherwise.

It's like going door-to-door. Are you going to get all of the doors you knock? No, of course not. But does that make the whole process a waste of time and something to ignore? Of course not.

Having friends on FB & MS don't make you a winner (Ron Paul...), but they give just another pool to draw supporters from.

Republicans will realize that...eventually.

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