Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lynn Jenkins' WISH for NYC Money

Courtesy of fellow Kansas blogger Kansas Meadowlark, there is a little more information now about yesterday's gala fundraising event in New York City sponsored by pro-abortion group WISH List on behalf of our very own State Treasurer (and CPA, did you know that?) Lynn Jenkins.

Dear WISH Friend,

As a loyal WISH List Member, I wanted you to be aware of an upcoming event in your area for an impressive WISH-endorsed candidate — Lynn Jenkins, candidate for Congress in Kansas’ 2nd District. Lynn is running in one of the most crucial “tossup” Congressional races in the country this year, and is one of our only chances to replace a Democrat with a mainstream Republican.

She is in a hotly contested race right now for the GOP primary nomination, and she needs WISH Members’ strong support to win. That’s why I hope you will consider supporting her at the July 14, 2008 reception at The Union League Club, 38 East 37th St., New York City. The reception will be held from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, and tickets are $500 per person. Please see the attached invitation for RSVP details. Thanks, in advance, for supporting Lynn Jenkins’ bid for Congress!


Pat Carpenter
President, The WISH List
Again, hosting said-gala event was former Governor of New Jersey & poster child for the pro-abortion minority within the Republican Party, Christine Todd Whitman.

The Union League Club of New York City isn't the Downtown Ramada in Topeka, and not so much the kind of "Kansas" venue you'd expect coming from a woman who has touted her deep, deep support in...Kansas. But, just like Jim Ryun, she's obviously finding it easier now to find money to support her among people who have never had to deal with her directly.

For more, please visit Kansas Meadowlark.


Anonymous said...

If only Jenkins had an blog where she could blast the Ryun camp for taking money from events in TX and back east sponsored by Delay, and Abramoff.

Anonymous said...

Instead Ryun lets organizations like AFP fight his fights ..... the front organization for the billionaire Koch brothers ..... probably even richer now ripping off the oil from Native American reservations

Maybe they can hang out with Jim Ryun's friend Jack Abramoff who also like to rip off the tribes.

Anonymous said...

What is Boyda's position on abortion? Please remind me again

Anonymous said...

depends who she is running know stick her finger in the wind

Anonymous said...

hey kids- jenkins stance on abortion isn't a big deal in the general...but she isn't in the general yet, this is a republican primary, and being pro-choice is a big big deal

Anonymous said...

well she is pro-life with three exceptions....rape, incest, and for the life of the mother...

Anonymous said...

No she's not. WISH list doesn't support candidates like that. Lynn Jenkins is pro-choice. She's been trying to dance around the issue for too long and now it is coming home to roost and it's going to sink her.

Anonymous said...

Little known fact, Ryun and Delay hate each other. Clearly, WISH List thiks highly enough of Jenkins to be raising money for her.

Anonymous said...

Events sponsored by DeLay and Abramoff? Abramoff is in jail. Who knows where DeLay is-probably trying to remain relevant somewhere.
Nancy Boyda is taking all kinds of special interest money-look at her FEC report. And she is taking all kinds of out of state money.
Didn't Ryun just release his in state donor numbers? Something like 2100 small dollar donors in Kansas?

Anonymous said...

If Ryun and Delay hate each other so much .... why did Jim contribute to Delay's defense fund.

Why did Delay do fund raisers in Texas for Ryun?

Gosh that is some hate

Anonymous said...

Well, evidently you're a little behind times on the DeLay/Ryun relationship.

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