Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pittsburg Supporting Boyda

Another encouraging op-ed in the Pittsburg Morning Sun today, detailing the support for Rep. Nancy Boyda in the 2nd District.

Dear Editor:
It has been a reassuring two years since Congresswoman Nancy Boyda was elected to the Second Congressional District. Nancy hit the ground running and has aggressively worked for the people. She has been available to all of her constituents on a regular basis. As a freshman, she wrote a successfully passed bill which eliminates retirement benefits for members of Congress convicted of wrongdoing.

Nancy recognizes the elderly and retired have not been helped by a Congress which passed a confusing Medicare pharmaceutical bill that has not lowered the cost of drugs. She understands universal health coverage is not only the humane thing to do, in the most advanced society in world history, but is economically sound policy because it provides the 47 million uninsured and the 20 million underinsured with comprehensive preventive care.

Nancy has supported every single issue which helps ordinary working people and has steadfastly refused to accept money from lobbyists who represent large multi-national corporations that have the political and economic power to influence unhelpful domestic and foreign policies affecting us all.

How nice it is to have a congressperson who can write legislation which benefits ordinary folks and who wants to end the ill advised decision to invade and occupy Iraq. It is now time for a change in the senate and the executive branch.
Harry L. Humphries

We certainly agree with Harry's assessment. Rep. Boyda has gone above and beyond to look at issues that help our families.

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