Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boyda Missed Meetings for Other Meetings, Jenkins Skipped Out to Campaign

As promised, more on the KS GOP and Christian Morgan's little stunt today- Part Uno, which we will call "Nancy Boyda missed a bunch of meetings, too...so stop talking about Lynn Jenkins missing KPERS meetings!!!!"

OK, first off- Christian, darling...when you're trying to distract voters, you can't be so damn obvious...

A Republican official is attacking Democratic Rep. Nancy Boyda for missing 11 meetings of the House Armed Services Committee.

The GOP attack is a [desperate...BB] effort to blunt Boyda's criticism of her Republican opponent, Lynn Jenkins, a two-term state treasurer who missed a dozen meetings as a state pension fund trustee.

"See!" shrieks Christian Morgan, "Boyda missed as many meetings as Jenkins did!"

No so fast, little one:
Boyda's staff on Monday confirmed that she missed 11 Armed Services Committee meetings and, in response to questions from The Associated Press, provided a list of scheduling conflicts.
Oh dear...the gambit starts to unravel. You mean...Boyda was...in other meetings? Like...the Agriculture Committee? Or she was back home dealing with constituent issues? You mean...gulp...she was still doing her job the whole time? Crap...

Where was Lynn when she wasn't at the KPERS meetings? Hmmm? Will anyone tell us? Ever?

No, of course they won't- because when Lynn Jenkins wasn't at the KPERS Board of Trustees meetings she was out campaigning for a new job- skipping out on Kansans to feed her own ambition.

Christian, who can't help himself, just keeps digging:

Christian Morgan, the Kansas GOP's executive director, questioned some of Boyda's reasons for missing the meetings but said the larger issue is Boyda's hypocrisy in raising such an issue about Jenkins.

"It wouldn't be an issue unless Nancy Boyda kind of understood that elected officials have a lot of going on," Morgan said. "She wants others to play by a certain set of rules, and she wants to play by another."

First off...what are you, a valley girl, with that condescending "kind of" tossed in there? You should have just said, "Like, totally, Boyda should so know state treasurers are like busy and stuff."

Gag me with a spoon.

Second- if Lynn missed KPERS meetings because she had intense and important treasurer business to attend to, that'd be one thing, and understandable. But if that had been the case, she would have already detailed exactly where she was and why it was important she was there- and she hasn't. Why hasn't she? Because that wasn't the case.

Regardless, each and every time Boyda missed one of the meetings of the Armed Services Committee she was still doing the business of the people of the 2nd District.

Boyda spokesman Thomas Seay said the congresswoman posts her schedule online, so that her constituents can see when she has conflicts. Also, when she misses committee meetings, he said, she sends staff. [Which Jenkins did not bother to do- BB].

"It's politically motivated nonsense," Seay said.

The AP story does go on to say Jenkins has dismissed the meeting attendance issue as "unimportant," and repeats her lie that she was in contact with the Board via email- something the Executive Director of KPERS says isn't the case.

Morgan and the Republicans are grasping at straws, and their desperation is showing. As Boyda's spokesman says, regardless of what Boyda does, they're going to critisize her.

Seay said if Boyda had attended the Armed Services meetings and, for example, skipped Agriculture meetings, Republicans would criticize her for not being diligent about agriculture issues.

"Her opponents are going to attack her no matter what she does," Seay said.

In the end, again, it's clear who wasn't doing their job for Kansans. Certainly, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda hasn't attended every meeting of the Armed Services Committee- but every time she missed it was because she was attending to different official business. Lynn Jenkins skipped out on her responsibilities to the people of Kansas because she was too busy trying to advance herself.

When Jenkins stopped working for Kansas and started working solely for herself is one of the saddest questions we all have to face this election cycle.

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